TIBCO Cloud Messaging


High-performing applications require a real-time exchange of information—exactly what TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging software provides. With multiple options, including Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and TIBCO FTL® and TIBCO eFTL™ software. Whether you need event-driven app integration; high-performance, low-latency messaging; connections for web apps to backend systems; or IoT integration, the robust yet simple TIBCO Cloud Messaging client API and cloud distribution network is the easiest way to connect.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Develop

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The TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging provides secure and reliable bi-directional data exchange among Websocket-supported mobile and web apps, IoT devices, and backend systems. The connector supports connections to TIBCO Cloud Messaging instances using the TIBCO eFTL™ client. The connector supports a Publisher activity, a Message Subscriber Trigger with support for durables and processing modes, and an activity for explicit message acknowledgments.