Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce provides customer relationship management (CRM) service and also provides a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and application development. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect

Powered by TIBCO Scribe®

This connector for Salesforce is a full-featured connector that supports customer objects and fields, native SOQL queries, receiving outbound messages from Salesforce, along with bulk and batch processing for higher performance and few API hits. The connector also provides capabilities for Data Replication, On Schedule, and On Event apps, along with the ability to configure customized HTTP requests to your Salesforce instance. You can connect to Salesforce or can application. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Develop

Powered by TIBCO Flogo®

This connector for Salesforce allows for bidirectional integration. Authenticate using OAuth2 for access to Salesforce REST API, Platform Events using Trigger, and create, read, update, upsert, and delete operations on any object. The Bulk APIs are also available for fetching large results. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Integrate

Powered by TIBCO BusinessWorks™

This plug-in for Salesforce allows users to use configure integration activities without writing any code to Salesforce's SOAP, Bulk API, Bulk 2.0, and Composite APIs, along with support for Streaming and Outbound Message Listeners. Using the plug-in, you can create, query, update, retrieve, and delete, as well as, create queries build to construct SOQL queries to search, query, and join relationships between sObjects.