Oracle Eloqua

The TIBCO Oracle Eloqua Connector enables your business to share customer data between your sales and marketing organizations to get the best results from your customer acquisition activities. The Eloqua Connector enables two-way synchronization of contacts and lists with business systems such as CRM, ERP, marketing systems and other data sources. For example, you can integrate Eloqua with Salesforce to track the impact of marketing activities managed in Eloqua on opportunities and closed deals in Salesforce. Use the Eloqua connector with CRM systems, such as Salesforce, and ERP systems, such as SAP and NetSuite, to:

  • Expose Contacts, ContactLists, and ContactListMembers entities for full CRUD operations.
  • Support full CRUD operations on Contact Custom Objects.
  • Expose the Campaign and campaign asset entities – Email, Form, and LandingPage – for read operations.
  • Expose Activity entity and activity-specific entities for read operations.
  • Expose deliverability entities – EmailSend, EmailOpen, EmailBounceback – for read operations.

An Eloqua integration enabled by the Oracle Eloqua Connector allows you to:

  • Integrate Eloqua information with your other business systems, including contact data cards.
  • Maintain Eloqua lists from outside applications.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of Eloqua with critical business data for better segmentation and targeting.
  • Update leads and opportunities in your Sales or CRM system with Eloqua email deliverability and campaign response information
  • Provide your sales team with better intelligence about prospect engagement with your email campaigns.

Connector Documentation: