Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise

TIBCO Cloud Integration gives you access to all of your data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including your custom objects and fields as well as standard objects. Keep CRM data up to date with other systems, migrate data to or from Dynamics CRM, or replicate data for reporting and analysis.

The connector includes support for:

  • Create, read, update and delete operations for almost all entities
  • Custom entities and custom fields
  • Relationships between entities for more powerful query operations
  • Bidirectional integrations, data loading and migrations
  • Creating and removing custom many-to-many relationships between records
  • An easy-to-use interface for viewing and validating picklist values for drop-down lists
  • The Microsoft Dynamics API’s impersonation capabilities to perform actions available only to non-interactive users Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration mode
  • Optimized performance with the Microsoft Dynamics API's bulk load method

Use the connector to:

  • Synchronize financial data such as invoice, orders, and other relevant information your sales people need
  • Automate resource-intensive processes such as sales order processing and quote approvals
  • Reduce and remove manual process to get marketing and social data synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Automate your prospect-to-lead conversion between your marketing applications
  • Give your sales people greater and richer intelligence about their customer in one place, Microsoft Dynamics CRM