Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

This connector offers a solution to quickly customize, automate, and streamline the flow of your internal business data, allowing sales and marketing processes to be supported in your CRM system with financial data from Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can synchronize data flowing between these critical business systems at far lower cost than developing custom integrations, and these data flows can run either in the cloud or on-premise. The connector is built on the OData endpoints, so you can leverage any object or field that has been exposed via OData.

  • Also compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Expose entities to create, read, update and delete records
  • Expose Custom Fields making them accessible to the integration
  • Exposes both Entity and Query objects
  • Connects via OData

Use the connector to…

  • Enable cross-functional teams working in silos across multiple applications to see consistent and current customer data
  • Synchronize customer and sales data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and your CRM system to ensure accuracy
  • Have a complete cloud solution for your cloud ERP
  • Allow for sales entry of order data in front end systems which can be seamlessly integrated with ERP sales modules
  • Sync Invoice data to your CRM systems
  • Allow for two-tier ERP deployments

Connector Documentation: