Marketo is marketing automation software for account-based marketing and other marketing services and products including SEO and content creation. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect

Powered by TIBCO Scribe®

This connector For Marketo connections is secured using OAuth 2.0 and supports CRUD operations on Company, Lead, Opportunity, OpportunityRole, SalesPerson, and Customer Objects. The connector also supports queries for Activities, Activity Lists, and Customer Activities. You may also Add and remove Leads to Lists and configure customized HTTP requests to your Marketo instance. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Develop

Powered by TIBCO Flogo®

This connector for Marketo connector tiles in your Flogo flows to retrieve, upsert, or delete your Marketo resources, including Leads, List, Campaigns, Opportunity, Opportunity Role, Company and Customer Objects. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Integrate

Powered by TIBCO BusinessWorks

Use this Plug-in for Marketo to create a connection to a Marketo instance, leverage teh data to create automations, and move data from your internal systems to the Marketo instance or vice versa. The palette contains support activities for Import, Upsert, Retrieve, and Delete for objects such as leads, opportunity, opportunity role, company, custom objects, and more.