Serialization is the process of translating a data structure or object state into a format (such as JSON) that can be stored as a series of bytes. Deserialization is the opposite of process, extracting a data structure from a series of bytes. This process is most commonly used for transferring data over messaging protocols or HTTP, remote procedure calls (RPC), and data storage. 

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The Mapper connector serializes and deserializes content based on entities created in the connection, such as Sampe JSON. Mapper is designed to be used with other connector extensions, such as the connectors for HTTP, Files or Variables, as well as, other connectors that support the Send block's Request entity, such as Salesforce. 

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Mapper is a synchronous activity that adds a new process variable to the process. This variable can be an inline schema, primitive element, or a complex element. 

You can map the data values from the current list of process variables to the elements of the variable with the Mapper activity. 

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Use this activity to define a schema to get the desired data. This activity is particularly useful to define a schema for an object of type any. This allows you to map the object of type any to the output from the Mapper activity. 

An advantage of using this activity is that you can construct the data for the any data type within the flow instead of fetching it from outside.