TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud

Lay the Foundation for Digital Innovation

TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud is your fastest, easiest path to digital transformation. It's the launch pad for your entire digital strategy, the foundation for your ecosystem connecting APIs, apps, visual analytics, and more. No more worrying about unreasonable costs or technical barriers of getting to the cloud. We have flexibly priced plans that pair you with integration experts and pre-packaged integration tools to make your cloud transition smooth and virtually hands-free. TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud is the only way to accelerate innovation, improve operational excellence, and deliver real business value.

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A Skilled and Trustworthy Partner

Your journey to the Cloud depends on your current situation and strategy. We recognize this and can facilitate your migration, whether to on-premises or hybrid resources, so you stay focused on your core competencies. 

Streamlined Affordable Modernization

Harnessing newly available innovations is the best way to stay relevant and competitive. We provide a path to the cloud, as well as the flexibility to retire licenses you no longer use and replace them with our more innovative solutions.

Analytics for All

There’s hardly a job today that does not require some analysis of data and a certain level of automation. The TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud allows company citizens to build their own applications, analyze to meet their needs, and share the outcome with the rest of the organization.

Connect seamlessly, Unify intelligently, Predict confidently

Productize Intelligence

Digital products and experiences based on APIs, processes, and applications created within the organization can be packaged and taken to market. The intelligence and the data of the business become the digital products.

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