Book Coming Soon: The Bytes Behind Blocks by Nelson Petracek

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The Bytes Behind Blocks: An Architect’s Guide to Blockchain

Much of the overwhelming amount of material on blockchain is vendor specific or promises a better outcome by discarding current financial systems in favor of Bitcoin or its equivalents.

While these views are valid, today’s enterprise needs to understand why blockchain is relevant and should be considered. This book presents a practical view for the enterprise, covering:

  • Myths & misconceptions
  • Use cases and role in the enterprise, including in software architectures
  • Associated technologies and concepts, including consensus, distributed ledger, identity, privacy, security, smart contracts, and tokenization

Blockchain is changing rapidly, as are its technologies and regulations. Let this book be your guide, a source for the questions to ask along the way and the knowledge needed to make your choices.

The Bytes Behind Blocks

About the Author - Nelson Petracek
Frequent Speaker and Chief Technology Officer Nelson Petracek helps shape the development of TIBCO technology platforms and products. With over 20 years’ experience, he draws upon his deep knowledge of blockchain, APIs, Cloud, event-driven architectures, analytical applications, and other innovation areas to advise on information creation and delivery patterns.

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