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TIBCO leverages existing technologies and practices to ensure that our culture thrives in a hybrid work experience. We strive to create a workplace where our team members are as dedicated to their families, friends, health, and well-being as they are to their careers.

TIBCO Careers Overview


As companies shifted into a fully work-from-home model in 2020, TIBCO was able to leverage existing technologies and practices to ensure that our culture not only survived, but continued to thrive in the virtual space. Here are ways we’ve been successful:

TIBCO Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Our events are virtual, with team members participating in online trivia nights, magic shows, cooking classes, and more.

TIBCO Social Events

Social Events

We took all of our meetings to Zoom while staying social, making each other smile with creative backgrounds, checking in with regular coffee chats, and celebrating milestones.

TIBCO Flexible Work Schedules

Flexible Work Schedule

We enjoy social channels on Slack, breaking up our days with pet photos and call-outs for birthdays and work anniversaries.

Hear from TIBCO Team Members

Anna Lundberg
"I have had the great opportunity to develop my career while working in various roles over my 20+ years at TIBCO. The teamwork and the awesome people around me continue to inspire and motivate me."
— Anna, TIBCO
Alejandro Pena Ponce
"The ability to grow professionally as well as personally has surpassed my expectations after 10 years with TIBCO. Nobody can explain the #TIBCOSPIRIT. You have to try it out and live it yourself."
— Alejandro, TIBCO

Career Development at TIBCO

Developing our people is critical to the success of both the organization and each and every team member. With the understanding that you are in charge of your own career, we have created tools to support each team member in their career journey at TIBCO.

Career progression is about taking the next step that is right for you. You may want to become a people manager, get to the next level in your current role, move to a new role in a different part of the business, or simply want to develop skills in your existing role. These are all great ways to expand your professional experience. We support the drive to learn and grow so here’s what our team members have access to:



Map My Career (MAP) is TIBCO’s career development framework used to navigate your career path, understand the skills and competencies needed to follow your chosen path at TIBCO, and provide resources to help you towards that goal.

Grow Together Mentoring Program

Grow Together Mentoring Program

The Grow Together program’s key objective is to facilitate and provide our team members at all career stages with the opportunity to be a part of a fulfilling and mutually beneficial partnership. The program provides the foundations to build meaningful connections and relationships where learning can occur on both a professional and personal level.