Data Security Manager


  • Data Security/Data Protection Consultant is an IT professional with expertise on data security and data protection laws
  • The person should be familiar with the business and day to day operations performed while supporting customer's IT systems with an emphasis on data processing activities
  • The person should be involved in evaluating customer risk, examining customer contracts or terms of service, helping different teams around TIBCO PSG to understand data security risk and data privacy issues, and help drive its mitigation


What You'll Do

  • Inform and advise the team how to be GDPR compliant and how to comply with other data protection laws as required by the customers while supporting their IT systems
  • Define and manage internal policies related to Data Security and Data Protection and make sure those are being followed
  • Raise awareness and provide staff training for any employees involved with processing activities
  • Provide advice regarding the data protection impact assessment and monitor its performance
  • Give advice and recommendations about the interpretation or application of the data protection rules
  • Handle complaints or requests by the customers, the data controller, data subjects
  • Regularly auditing the policies and controls that are put into place
  • Report any failure to comply with the GDPR or applicable data protection rules
  • Monitor compliance with GDPR or other data protection law.
  • Identify and evaluate the data processing activities
  • Cooperate with the supervisory authority
  • Maintain the records of data processing operations
  • Detail out the security incident response plan

Who You Are

  • 8-10 years’ experience in managing data security/data protection policies for an organization
  • Background and expertise in legal, data compliance, audit or IT security
  • Knowledge of data protection legislation, particularly GDPR and alike national laws
  • Relevant work experience of monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements and engaging with regulatory bodies
  • Experienced in the operational application of privacy law
  • Familiarity with computer security systems
  • Experience in managing data breaches
  • Experience in cooperation with supervisory authorities of any kind
  • Understanding the environment in which IT support team operates and associated data protection risks
  • Experience in conducting data protection impact assessments
  • Understanding GDPR requirements


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