TIBCO Excel Internship Program

Inspiring the next generation of corporate leaders

The TIBCO Excel Internship Program is a highly selective, educational enrichment program that provides high school and university students the opportunity to explore the corporate work environment and gain hands-on professional experience. Working with TIBCO functional groups, students will have a chance to investigate various careers while helping TIBCO fulfill its vision of fostering the next generation of business leaders.


TIBCO Internship 2018-19
TIBCO Internship 2017-18
TIBCO Internship 2016-17
TIBCO Internship 2015-16

Benefits & Eligibility

Intern Positions

  • Revenue Recognition & Operations
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Treasury Operations
  • General Ledger
  • Corporate Tax Compliance
  • Financial Reporting
  • International Accounting
  • Corporate Development
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Assistant

Internship Project Work

  • 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, 8-Q, etc.
  • Post-acquisition Financial Statements
  • Foreign Banking & Accounts Reporting
  • Process Automation Design
  • ESP, SSP, & VSOE Analysis
  • Contractor Accruals
  • Foreign Currency Hedging Analysis
  • Foreign Currency Analysis
  • Interest and Currency Rate Models
  • Monthly Sales and Use Tax Compliance
  • Monthly Close and Forecasting
  • G&A Business Operating Expense Analysis
  • R&D Cost Analysis
  • Codification of Royalty Contracts
  • M&A Model Building
  • Risk Management


  • Students with demonstrated interest in related subject areas and/or relevant coursework (e.g. BEAM, Accounting, Economics)
  • College students with relevant major(s)
  • High school students entering the 11th grade or above

Program Benefits

  • Engage in Unique Experience
  • Gain Corporate Finance Knowledge
  • Build Technical Proficiency
  • Start Building Professional Experience

2019-2020 Program Info

Applications open on December 15, 2019

Contact George Chiao for more information.