Data Analysis to Boost Drug Development for Pharma Companies

The recent Spotfire on-demand webcast, "Data Science 2.0: Guided and In-line Analytics with Spotfire," covers how Spotfire and data science are impacting global business...

Business Data Visualization: How to Bring 27 Million Data Points to Life

When it comes to relying  on real-time BI and business data visualization to power decisions, life sciences companies are no different than companies in...

Using Analytics to Stay on Top of the Regulatory Landscape

Regulatory, data protection, and privacy requirements are constantly changing across different countries and regions, making it extremely challenging for finance, operations, and risk management...

Is Life Sciences the New Frontier for Analytics?

Researchers say pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies are ramping up their uses of analytics tools to help identify and take advantage of new...

How Data Analytics Will Solve Our Biggest Problems

Researchers are close to testing a vaccine for HIV that was developed based on data analytics. A hospital was able to predict which patients...

Free Webcast: Clinical Trial Operations with Spotfire Clinical Software at Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Join John Walker of Infinity Pharmaceuticals and TIBCO Spotfire's Michael O'Connell tomorrow for a case study discussion of clinical trial operations and medical/safety analysis...

Can Analytics Change Meetings?

Who doesn't love a meeting? Well, actually, most people don't. Meetings can be too long, too boring, irrelevant and get in the way of getting work done. But there is hope. A report by CITO showcases how one company uses analytics to change tired, dull meetings into productive, working sessions.

Clinical Data Analysis Delivers for Pharmaceutical Companies

Clinical data analysis that helps identify issues in drug development, improves patient outcomes. Companies are using sophisticated clinical data analysis to identify and address drug safety issues. Clinical data analysis with graphics can be used to in both for both drug development and reporting, even though the requirements for these uses are quite different.

Data Visualization Shows the Spread of H1N1

Using data visualization software with dynamic aggregation and filtering, we can easily see how H1N1 has spread throughout the U.S.

Business Intelligence Uses: Analytics to Improve Sales Performance Management for Novartis

Business intelligence is often thought of as providing data and answers for finance and operations departments. Yes, that’s how many companies use business intelligence, but many others apply business intelligence in other areas of the company. For pharmaceuticals, business intelligence provides untold value in analyzing sales metrics – delivering sales performance management.