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From geospatial analytics to learning language models to data visualizations—The Analytics Forum has it all. No matter your industry, you can discover innovative insights into specific use cases and megatrends, tailored to your current data and analytics needs. We’re excited to present enterprise speakers from around the world in industries like energy, oil & gas, CPG, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Check out some of the sessions below and learn more about leading trends in your industry.

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Dig Deep into Oil & Gas and Energy Innovation

The energy industry, including the oil & gas sector, faces ongoing challenges due to macroeconomic and sector-specific disruptions. These headwinds come from a combination of commodity pricing volatility, a wide push to reduce carbon emissions, and continued supply chain fragility.

As a result, McKinsey notes, “…the majority of current energy and commodity prices are significantly higher and much more volatile than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic.” To stay competitive during these unprecedented times, energy companies need faster, smarter insights that enable them to plan and take data-driven action. What’s needed is an analytics platform that enables exploration and intelligent forecasting, one that can bring together historical and real-time data easily. There are leaders in the energy and oil & gas sectors who are already realizing the benefit of this analytics platform approach. You can learn from these leaders, and how they’re using AI-infused geospatial analytics and predictive maintenance, at The Analytics Forum.

These recommended sessions will help every energy company see what’s possible:

  • Spotfire Geoanalytics: Spatial Insights and Interference
  • Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation Remote Predictive Diagnostic Innovations

Spotfire Geoanalytics: Spatial Insights and Interference 

Join Spotfire experts, Arnaud Varin and Neil Kanungo, to delve into the latest spatial data functions for Spotfire software. They will explore how these new features can be used to analyze data, including advanced mapping capabilities, geocoding, and spatial filtering. Learn how to leverage these features to gain deeper insights and more informed decisions for your spatial analytics use cases.

Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation Remote Predictive Diagnostic Innovations

Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation’s Remote Predictive Diagnostic (RPD) developed a monitoring and analysis platform to prevent potential gas turbine failure in Enel power plants worldwide. With Spotfire®, they monitor the health status of 56 gas turbines globally, analyzing, for example, occurrences of hot or cold spots on the turbines—resulting in increased availability and optimized O&M costs. Learn how the RPD team’s newest innovation, Spotfire Replay, uses Spotfire and Streambase to record and review on-demand the main operating transients requiring in-depth analysis, allowing engineers to proactively investigate and better identify the causes of the failure.

Get Healthy Insights for Life Sciences, Pharma, and Healthcare

While many life sciences, pharma, and healthcare organizations rely on data and analytics insights for use cases like early-stage drug discovery, improved patient outcomes, and resource optimization, leaders continue to drive innovation through a healthier insights pipeline. The application of AI-infused analytics to high-value use cases such as manufacturing, yield optimization, and patient care will continue. At The Analytics Forum, you’ll have the chance to learn from these leaders in the practical application of data science and analytics for anomaly detection and insights generation.

Gain insight into healthcare and life sciences solutions in these sessions:

  • Digitalization and Analytics in Life Sciences and at Moderna
  • NUHS: Endeavour AI for Healthcare Analytics and Predictions

Digitalization and Analytics in Life Sciences and at Moderna

In this fireside chat, Hetal Panchal will discuss in depth how digitalization and analytics enable innovation at scale in Life Sciences and at Moderna, an exemplar of AI adoption towards better outcomes. Moderna leverages Spotfire® software as part of its modern, multi-cloud approach to gain a 360-degree view of clinical trials, increase scientific collaboration, improve outcomes, and optimize logistics to manage costs and meet budget goals. The software engineering team at Moderna builds unique custom applications using AI for use cases as varied as curating and creating new data sets, optimizing vaccine production, automating the repetitive work done by scientists and partners, and even in call center planning and optimization. Join this session to learn directly from Hetal Panchal.

NUHS: Endeavour AI for Healthcare Analytics and Predictions

The National University Health System (NUHS) in Singapore has implemented the Endeavour AI platform, incorporating various TIBCO technologies and Spotfire®, to improve its hospital operations and patient care. Endeavour AI has enabled real-time data processing and monitoring, as well as advanced analytics. NUHS has reported that the platform has been successful in predicting hospital bed availability up to two weeks in advance, and in improving patient outcomes using patient and administration data, such as length of stay and discharge patterns. In this session, you’ll learn more about how Endeavour AI works to enable better outcomes.

Cash in on Financial and Retail Analytics

Accelerating value delivery is an evergreen trend for financial services organizations and retailers. It’s no surprise that leaders seek advantage through cutting-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics and through new disruptive AI technologies. For example, the rapid rise of generative AI use for chatbots has created new opportunities for customer engagement fueled by data-driven insights. But even more traditional areas of analytics focus, such as dynamic pricing and cost optimization, can provide new value for retail and financial services. The Analytics Forum connects financial services and retail analytics professionals with clear paths to accelerating value.

Learn about analytics trends in finance and retail during these sessions:

  • Self-Service Insights with Spotfire: Increased Adoption, More Wins for Customers
  • Extending Spotfire: How O&G Operators and Finance Orgs Gain Reservoir Insights

Self-Service Insights with Spotfire: Increased Adoption, More Wins for Customers

Riteway Sales and Marketing is a data-driven food broker agency for retail outlets in the Southeast, covering a wide variety of food products and CPG (consumer packaged goods). By applying advanced self-service analytics, they help their customers reach consumers in a highly targeted, relational way. In this session, you’ll learn how Riteway enables its business users to access the power of data and analytics by utilizing Python scripting, Spotfire® Property Controls, Spotfire® Mods, and more.

Extending Spotfire: How O&G Operators and Finance Orgs Gain Reservoir Insights

S&P Global has extended Spotfire® capabilities to help guide energy companies in critical decision-making processes in unconventional reservoirs. Its Analytics Explorer application, based on the Spotfire platform and using proprietary data connections and fit-for-purpose analytical workflows, helps O&G operators and finance companies around the globe make critical investment decisions in the energy sector. Attend this session to learn more about how Analytics Explorer helps subsurface professionals analyze and identify spacing trends for horizontally completed wells; visualize multi-stacked target formations; and finally create and automate drainage polygons for infill detection and localized volumetric calculations.

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