Spotfire® Visual Analytics: Meet the No-Code Data Science Platform That Reimagines Real-time Decision Making

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According to Forrester, “Advanced insights-driven businesses—firms that have successfully built a closed-loop learning culture for finding and acting on insights—are eight times more likely to grow by 20 percent or more than beginner firms.” As of 2023, only 7 percent of insights-driven enterprises have successfully implemented an infrastructure to meet the qualification of being advanced––there’s more data than ever available at our fingertips, yet there are no greater insights being drawn.

How can businesses balance the risk and opportunity of greater predictability with decision intelligence? Keep reading to discover how Spotfire® visual analytics supports operational efficiency and functional analytics that keeps your business competitive.

An Introduction to Spotfire 

Spotfire is a singular visual analytics platform that enables you to make faster, smarter, real-time decisions and go beyond basic rearview dashboards. Backed by highly-governed, no-code data science capabilities, Spotfire analyzes both data-at-rest and data-in-motion together for faster time-to-insight and better business outcomes. With seamless data preparation and data wrangling capabilities, extensive support for Python, R, and Javascript—and embedded data science tooling—Spotfire is the best-in-class choice for analytics leaders.

Spotfire offers decision makers point-and-click data science directly within a visual exploration experience. Here, the ML-driven recommendations engine uncovers the top relationships in the selected data.

Whether automating analysis updates from streaming predictions in real time or human-triggered action workflows directly within a visualization, Spotfire makes both human-in-the-loop monitoring and continuously automated decisions radically efficient. Across a wide variety of operational use cases, Spotfire empowers your existing teams and business intelligence workstreams with high-value, actionable insights. With Spotfire, you’ll discover more “aha!” moments faster.

Why Analytics Leaders Rely on Spotfire

Whether Spotfire is the one data analytics platform an organization uses or is a power boost for analytics workflows alongside other BI and analytics applications, its adaptability through easy-to-implement customizations (Spotfire Mods, Spotfire Solutions) is unparalleled. In addition, Spotfire features a best-in-class, market-leading integration between visual analytics and data science with native engines for both Python and R languages. It provides citizen users with data science at their fingertips in an easy point-and-click, drag-and-drop user experience. With Spotfire, all decision makers⁠—from marketing managers to data scientists⁠—can make discoveries in data faster through insightful and immersive visual exploration. Underpinned by no-code, pre-packaged data science, Spotfire delivers capabilities at scale for predictive and streaming analytics—all in one decision platform.

With Spotfire, an immersive visual analytics experience allows for in-line data preparation and data wrangling.

One TrustRadius review of Spotfire states, “We use Spotfire to gather, enrich, analyze, and mobilize the data followed by sales forecasting. Using R and Python, we have solved complex data processing and analytic algorithms for financial statements’ aging reports! It was amazing and impossible with others without doing additional work.”

Dive further into the impact real Spotfire users have seen in the manufacturing, medical, and municipal fields below:

  1. Hemlock Semiconductors: Achieved operational excellence with $1 million in savings
  2. NUHS: Increased screening and analyzed patient readmission probabilities 
  3. AA Ireland: AI-fueled pricing optimization led to a 22 percent increase in revenue

Implement Today, Gain Insights Tomorrow

If gaining more high-value business insights faster is difficult because of inefficient data access and preparation, or “for data scientists only” tooling is stopping your teams, Spotfire’s singular analytics platform will transform your business. Discover the power of what Spotfire can do for your real-time insights, decision-making capabilities, and operational excellence in our demo gallery.

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