Calling All Data Visualization Hackers: Do Good and Show Your Skills at The Analytics Forum

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Get ready to challenge your analytics skills for the greater good! The theme of The Analytics Forum 2023 Hackathon is “Mapping food deserts in the Houston Texas area,” using Spotfire® analytics. Geospatial analytics has historically been used to gain insights for public health, and this Hackathon will equip participants to study, analyze, and map Houston-area food deserts—areas where there’s limited access to affordable, nutritious fresh food. 

Your Hackathon participation connects modern #dataviz innovation to data visualization history. The inspiration behind this year’s #TAFHACK is the ground-breaking work done by John Snow in 1854 that helped address the causes of cholera when he used geospatial mapping to confirm his hypothesis that water contamination was the source of that pandemic. 

Map of the book “On the Mode of Communication of Cholera” by John Snow, originally published in 1854 by C.F. Cheffins, Lith, Southampton Buildings, London, England. The uploaded image is a digitally enhanced version found on the UCLA Department of Epidemiology website, Public Domain,

The “People” Part of the Hackathon

The Hackathon is organized and managed by the Spotfire Data Science team, so participants will make direct connections with true Spotfire experts. Participants can form teams, so if you have colleagues who’d be interested, share this blog with them! And if you’re flying solo but you’d like to build a new network of peers, forming or joining a team is an easy way to make lasting connections. (Be aware there are Rules and Eligibility requirements. Complete eligibility details to come soon; watch the Community for more!)

Why does this Hackathon matter? It’s about people helping people through data-driven actions and insights. Without access to healthy food, neighborhoods can suffer from poor nutrition and associated health challenges such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The goal of the Hackathon will be to enable a deeper understanding of food deserts, so policymakers and public health officials can make decisions based on data to mitigate their impacts on surrounding communities. Winning Hackathon participants can receive prizes and the opportunity for public recognition, and all participants gain the satisfaction that comes from using advanced analytics for social good. But there’s more to do and learn at The Analytics Forum, in addition to the Hackathon!

The Analytics Forum: It’s Much More Than the Hackathon, and It’s Free

While the Hackathon gives you a chance for recognition while helping do good, the two Analytics Forum days leading up to the Hackathon are a must for all data visualization enthusiasts. The theme of this year’s conference is Analytics for Insight and Action, and more than 20 sessions will inspire and prepare you to take bold new approaches to data analysis for insights-driven innovation. 

Join Us for Inspiring Insights from TULP Interactive

Jan Willem Tulp, Founder of TULP Interactive, and Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer at Spotfire, will explore how combining a scientist’s mindset with an artistic sensibility yields immersive, powerful data visualizations. 

Jan Willem is a world-renowned data visualization expert, and his keynote brings you into his processes for developing complex analyses serving clients such as the European Space Agency (ESA), Dutch Railways, Nielsen, and more. And you’ll learn how he uses JavaScript in combination with Spotfire to develop an array of techniques to highlight insights in data.

A Sneak Peek at The Analytics Forum Sessions

General sessions feature Spotfire leadership and data scientists, and will cover:

  • “Spotfire Launch! Visual Analytics for Insight and Action”
  • “What’s New and Next in Analytics, AI, & Data Science for the Energy Sector”
  • “Spotfire: The Art of the Possible, Insights for Sustainability, and What’s Next”
  • “From Vision to Reality: Analytics for Insight and Action with Dr. Spotfire”
(View all of the sessions here.)

Breakouts led by Spotfire data science and analytics experts include:

  • “Spotfire Geoanalytics: Spatial Insights and Inference”
  • “What’s Trending in Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models”
  • “Enterprise-Scale Data Science Lifecycle”
  • “Analytic Transparency: Creating Trust with Explainability and Model Monitoring”

Customer-led breakouts will show how leaders innovate through their expert use of Spotfire data analytics and include analytics powerhouses like Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation, Enertel, NUHS, Riteway, and S&P Global, among others.

View more details about sessions and register now for The Analytics Forum and for this year’s Hackathon!