All Your Favorite Updates in One Place: Recent TIBCO Capabilities

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You asked, and we listened. TIBCO is dedicated to providing value-based updates to your favorite capabilities—and analysts and peer review sites are taking notice. TIBCO can unlock the potential of your data in extraordinary ways with capabilities like integration, messaging, visual analytics, data management, and much more. Leading companies are combining the power of augmented analytics and agile data fabric to solve their greatest data challenges. 

Want to learn about the latest updates and awards for the products you love? Check out what’s new across the portfolio.

Augmented Analytics

Customers on the cutting edge must accelerate insight generation while improving business outcomes with an immersive, smart, and real-time convergence of data visualization and analytical capabilities across all analytics styles called augmented analytics. TIBCO continues to support our customers in the key areas of visual analytics, data science, streaming, and ModelOps to enable outstanding self-service visual analytics, dashboards, and business applications through the use of the following enhanced tools: 

Spotfire® Roundup of 2023 Releases, 12.2 – 12.4

Spotfire® bridges the gap between business insights and business outcomes in a fully governed, scalable analytics platform. Create custom, no-code analytics applications in just a few clicks with seven NEW Data Functions and five NEW Visualization Mods! Combined with Python Data Functions on TIBCO Cloud™ technology, it’s now easier than ever to work with today’s most popular data science language by publishing cloud analyses containing packaged Python scripts. Plus, newly enhanced Data Wrangling allows business authors to define key columns and manage more settings directly from the Data Canvas for easier in-line data prep and labeling.

And there’s more for Spotfire administrators with Action Logs. Admins may view usage data captured as user action logs to better understand Cloud Actions’ auditability and also can enjoy new features for shareable search views in the Spotfire Library. The Spotfire integration with TIBCO Data Virtualization is extended with OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 Authentication—the defacto standard for modern distributed authorization and authentication, providing seamless access to personalized data with Single Sign-On (SSO).

For full release summaries, explore What’s New in Spotfire or watch the Spotfire 12 On-Demand webinar series.

TIBCO® Data Science – Team Studio 7.0

TIBCO® Data Science – Team Studio supports the democratization of data science, at scale, with an end-to-end lifecycle: from data access, preparation, and feature engineering, to model training, management, inference, and operations deployment. Team Studio 7.0 brings together data science functions and expertise into one set of containerized services callable from other products.

See What’s New in TIBCO Data Science Team Studio to learn more.

TIBCO® ModelOps 1.3

TIBCO® ModelOps software is the “OS for AI” that provides safe, governed, and transparent access to algorithms for all—not just data scientists. With the latest 1.3 release, ModelOps is all the more powerful.

New enhancements include:

  • Support for R models and package dependencies 
  • Support for Machine Learning as a Service 
  • Expanded configurability of environments
  • Enhanced deployment of models to TIBCO Streaming clusters
  • OIDC support for Jupyter integration 

You can read more about machine learning platforms, and how ModelOps can fit into your future data-driven architecture, from this recent Eckerson Report.

To read about all the new enhancements, visit TIBCO ModelOps.

Agile Data Fabric

The data-driven organization understands that an agile data fabric is the most compelling architectural approach to delivering consistent, unified views of enterprise data to support analytics and other business needs. TIBCO continues to support our customers’ most pressing data needs by enhancing our data management and data fabric offerings in the following ways: 

TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.7

TIBCO® Data Virtualization software reduces the complexity of large data platforms. New features include better Web Studio and improved Workload management, as well as increased support for accessing diverse data sources faster and supporting cloud-native for a simpler deployment.

Don’t believe us? TIBCO Data Virtualization software recently won G2 Leadership in Spring and Winter 2023. 

Read about TIBCO Data Virtualization software updates and awards.


TIBCO® EBX software makes master data management even more powerful with new tools to drill down into data hierarchies, new data views, improved collaboration, and improved search capabilities. Data transformation has never been so easy or so fast!

Did you know, EBX has won eight awards this year? This leading MDM solution has its own trophy case!

Learn more about TIBCO EBX software updates and awards.

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