Get Smarter, Faster: Composing the Future at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to going faster and getting smarter, it’s old news that unlocking more value from data is the power play for enterprises. What might be new news to some readers is hinted at by the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit agenda—the importance of composability and streamlined paths to action through decision intelligence and data fabrics. But these trending topics aren’t over-the-horizon—at the Summit. In our session, you’ll learn how TIBCO customers are turning those trends into real business value now.

From Hype to Value: Data Fabrics 

Data fabrics have moved from hype cycle to real value, and they’ll be the topic of discussion in sessions led by a number of Gartner analysts, including Ehtisham Zaidi, Radu Miclaus, Robert Thanaraj, and Thornton Craig. The drive towards data fabrics comes in part from the desire for faster, more actionable insights. Data fabrics have been shown to accelerate well-governed data into and through analytics and business intelligence (BI) workflows. One such case is that of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR). 

As the foundation for its Data Analytics Hub project, Hong Kong MTR deployed a data fabric design using TIBCO EBX master data management and TIBCO Data Virtualization software. The project promoted data availability and use across its many business domains, such as analytics, operations, and compliance. With greater access to important business data, users could better understand customer behavior and passenger preferences.

With TIBCO’s approach, implementing a data fabric can be impressively fast. “I’m definitely proud that we implemented such a complex project in such a short time,” said Ted Suen, CIO at Hong Kong MTR. “It took less than six months. It’s one of the most successful implementations that I have seen in the past few years.”

Composability, Everywhere: Decision Intelligence and Data Management

Recent research shared by Gartner at its October 2022 IT Symposium/XpoTM showed IT investment increasing, in large part to address the need for speed-to-insight. At the March 2023 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, the many analyst-led sessions on BI and analytics will help connect the dots between IT investment and the recurring challenge of turning data into business impact. Gartner’s recommendations for composability will help enterprises be more agile and adaptable in that process. Composability means that what were monolithic data management or analytics applications are transformed into reusable, assemblable building blocks—like Legos for application-building. This is enabled by low- and no-code capabilities, helping scale insights across the enterprise. 

Bayer Crop Science is an example of the power of advanced analytics—and how composability can work in support of advanced analytics use cases. Bayer takes advantage of how TIBCO analytics and data management is architected to perform at scale, using low-code and no-code composable analytics workflows—and Spotfire Mods for additional composability. 

According to Michelle Lacy, biotechnology data engineering lead at Bayer Crop Science, “The way TIBCO uses infrastructure and architecture makes it very attractive….TIBCO uses client and server resources and database resources, all three of those, so you can have a very performant platform that doesn’t cost, you know, a trillion dollars. Spotfire software blows everyone out of the water.” With the TIBCO platform supporting composable, end-to-end decision intelligence, your most future-forward use cases can speed from vision to reality.

See the future in action now—join us at this year’s Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, and meet us at Booth 827 to discuss your most complex challenges.