Data Virtualization: A Powerful Component of Your Data Fabric Strategy

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Data virtualization makes complex data simple—placing a business-friendly layer over your data, making it easier to find, understand, and use. With data virtualization, your users focus on the data’s business value while your data engineers take care of the rest.

Over the last year, TIBCO’s leading data virtualization solution has won some exciting awards and competitions. Keep reading to learn more.

The Power of Data Virtualization 

TIBCO Data Virtualization can unify distributed sources (on-premises and cloud), creating a holistic, singular view of an enterprise’s disparate data sources without the risk of moving data or the need to standardize formats. Besides removing the risk of replicating and transferring data and converting data, these capabilities help remove data silos from the equation and empower users through better governance and security, with customizable features such as limiting access to those authorized to access sensitive information. Data virtualization removes the complexities of managing data and allows business users to be involved and interpret actional insights in an easier-to-consume manner.

As part of the TIBCO Agile Data Fabric platform, TIBCO Data Virtualization allows for keyword browsing—an easier way to find what you need. Data virtualization is best viewed as a robust plumbing architecture that connects the TIBCO platform’s many capabilities and features, providing seamless support for data quality and master data management. Through this connected relationship, end users can receive governed and reliable data that can be used for reporting and business intelligence.

3 Recent TIBCO Data Virtualization Wins

BARC Virtual Conference

TIBCO competed against a major competitor for an audience of data professionals, business executives, and practitioners in November 2022. More than 65 viewers were given the task of deciding, with the majority opting for TIBCO’s Agile Data Fabric technology.

The TIBCO Data Virtualization served as the hub for this BARC demo activity, offering a comprehensive and unified view of all relevant data. This is an essential function of the TIBCO Agile Data Fabric platform in overcoming the constraints of data silos and empowering users through governance, security, and customization.

Read more about the BARC demo.

Analyst Awards

TIBCO Data Virtualization capabilities have been recognized as a leader in the 2022 GigaOm Radar Report. The report recognizes TIBCO Data Virtualization software’s powerful graphical modeling features, platform design, and well-planned and executed capabilities for accessing, integrating, and transforming your data. 

Learn more about the report and access it here.

Peer Awards

TIBCO Data Virtualization was awarded TrustRadius’s Top Rated award for 2022. Just this month, TIBCO Data Virtualization won G2’s Leader in the Data Visualization category (Leader quadrant) and High Performer in the Enterprise Grid of Data Visualization—all based on positive feedback from customers and peers.

Get Started with TIBCO Data Virtualization 

Data virtualization is a key component of your agile data fabric strategy. TIBCO Data Virtualization continues to be a powerful component of the TIBCO Agile Data Fabric platform and a solid solution to unify your data and provide actionable insights. Read about the ten things you should know about data virtualization.