Overcoming Data Silos with a Data Fabric: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

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The value of a self-service data platform was demoed, and a resounding knock-out was delivered at the BARC virtual conference on November 30, 2022. Two teams—one from TIBCO and one from a major competitor—went toe-to-toe virtually for an audience of data leaders, business leaders, and practitioners. More than 65 demo session viewers were the judges, and the overwhelming majority chose the TIBCO Agile Data Fabric platform as best-in-contest. 

Why did BARC attendees, 57.1 to 35.7 percent, choose TIBCO as the winner? While I didn’t have the opportunity to chat with individual respondents, I believe BARC’s judges were swayed by how TIBCO Agile Data Fabric was drag-and-drop simple—yet demonstrably powerful. The winning demo showed a practical approach to the flexibility you need to manage the complexity you have, empowering end users to self-serve in a governed way. 

TIBCO Agile Data Fabric: The Winning Combination

The use case demoed was that of a marketing analyst who needed to develop a new business intelligence (BI) report for fresh and urgent holiday campaign insights. TIBCO Data Virtualization was the hub for demo activity, but TIBCO EBX (master data management) and TIBCO DQ (data quality) supported the demo. The BARC audience saw and learned about:

  1. A robust search for available data products. Despite the fact that data sources were widely distributed (some on-premises, some in the cloud) and disparate (sources included ERP data, APIs, CRM data, and metadata), the Agile Data Fabric returned a 360-degree view of all available data products via keyword browsing. TIBCO Data Virtualization provided a holistic, harmonized view of all the data within the enterprise. This is key for an agile data fabric that addresses the challenge of data silos while empowering end users. Additionally, governance and security were shown to be configurable atop data virtualization.
  2. Drag-and-drop data access, combination, and publication, all without IT. Having found and previewed relevant order data, product data, and customer data, the next step was to combine the data through a modeling interface. TIBCO Agile Data Fabric enables this through governed access, so analysts need not wait for IT. Data access and preparation for a new combined data source was drag-and-drop simple and designed to support collaboration. The new combined data was published to the data products catalog.
  3. Access to governed, quality-assured data, empowering your business users.
    Data virtualization is just the beginning for those needing to get more value from their data. As shown in the BARC demo, data virtualization that seamlessly supports data quality and master data management to serve up governed, trustable data means that business users can self-enable data access for reporting, BI, and more. 
  4. Instant connection to a BI platform for analytics and insights exploration. From there, the demo segued to TIBCO Spotfire as the BI platform for analytics insights. The demo team noted that TIBCO Agile Data Fabric is BI agnostic and can be used with various other BI and analytics offerings, including WebFOCUS, Jaspersoft, Microsoft PowerBI, and Tableau. Within the Spotfire interface, a direct connection was easily made to the new data product, and the data was brought into an immersive exploration in seconds. Since the data source contained real-time customer data, the analysis will similarly reflect changing conditions in real time.
  5. No impact from data silos and no performance issues at scale. Performance and scale were no issue through ongoing optimization, caching, and the use of change data capture to reduce calls to systems.

Ensuring high performance is easier when silos don’t block getting all the value you need from your data. Through its unique “loosely coupled, tightly integrated” platform approach to data management, TIBCO Data Fabric demonstrably ensures faster performance and smarter outcomes.

Attendees at the BARC Data Management Arena saw a live demo of every facet of TIBCO Agile Data Fabric. They overwhelmingly voted for TIBCO as the winner in a head-to-head data management battle.

TIBCO Agile Data Fabric Helps Your Enterprise Now and for a Changing Future

Although the BARC Battle was a demo, TIBCO’s data management platform is providing real value in meeting some of the world’s toughest data challenges now. One such ongoing challenge is meeting compliance with GDPR and similar privacy regulations. Recently, Helvetia Insurance and TIBCO partner BUTOS used TIBCO’s data management platform to achieve full GDPR compliance and 100 percent data lineage traceability for 40 applications under management. This work included master data gathering, target application integration, and the definition of related processes. 

In only nine months of integration, with roughly six months of support, TIBCO and BUTOS enabled Helvetia Insurance to assure traceable privacy for its customers and GDPR compliance. As noted by Patrik Gallati, Helvetia Insurance project manager, “The systematic and automated deletion of outdated personal data is a key element that underpins one of our most important values: Trust.” 

The financial risk posed by failing GDPR compliance is extremely serious. Helvetia Insurance is winning that challenge with TIBCO and BUTOS. And as BARC themselves say, “if you don’t take data management seriously, you lose.”

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