Introducing Independent Analyst, Consultant, and Author, Rick van der Lans: A Big Voice in Big Data

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Rick van der Lans is an internationally respected independent analyst, consultant, author, and lecturer specializing in business intelligence, big data, and data virtualization. His superpower is understanding and solving the disparate and disconnected growing pains associated with big data and using data virtualization within businesses to provide access to use every single data asset and source with ease and speed. 

Data virtualization technology, such as TIBCO® Data Virtualization software, provides your enterprise (and every team within it) the ability to make real-time data-driven decisions and scale operational success.

The Impact and Influence of Rick van der Lans

As the founder of the consultancy firm R20, van der Lans has been making a name for himself for decades as an internationally respected business intelligence analyst. He helps advance the understanding and capabilities of data virtualization—placing him on the top 10 list of the most influential BI analysts in the world by OnAlytica. In addition to countless industry-leading conferences, seminars, and keynote speaking events, van der Lans meets one-on-one with clients worldwide to design their business intelligence architectures and assist them with selecting the right products for their data headaches. 

Rick van der Lans has been key in introducing the new logical data warehouse architecture, such as TIBCO® Data Virtualization software, to help his client’s organizations develop a more agile business intelligence system. He also introduces BI architecture to avoid business challenges stemming from siloed and disparate data. Over the years, van der Lans has produced hundreds of articles, books, whitepapers, and other educational materials on the subject of big data management and virtualization, such as informational and technical webinars that have helped businesses store, access, and leverage their insights. Some of his most recent and notable content contributions with TIBCO as a thought leader can be found below:

The Big Data Picture: TIBCO® Data Virtualization 

TIBCO® Data Virtualization software is a sophisticated data management architecture that aids in the unification, security, and centralization of all dispersed datasets and sources, allowing organizations to access reliable information instantly and make real-time business decisions. Yes, this sophisticated virtualization software can unlock unprecedented capabilities for your enterprise on its own—but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. When paired with other platform essentials, such as integrating all functions in your business wherever they are with TIBCO connective technologies and future-forward analytic insights with TIBCO predictive technologies. Together, this platform provides the full “data picture” of streamlining your enterprise for the kind of self-service, business-driven development that Rick van der Lans helps his clients achieve.

Unlock the Complete Platform Potential

Data virtualization is critical in managing big data. Without agile and accessible architecture, your business will be bogged down with data it can’t touch. To scale the operational efficiency of your business, your platform needs to support all aspects of data-driven intelligence. 
Want to learn more about the highly regarded “modern data architecture” from Rick van der Lans? Contact us today and begin to unlock the power of real-time data using the TIBCO platform.