4 Qualities that Distinguish a Citizen Data Scientist from a Data Champion

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Citizen data scientists are becoming increasingly important across industries as companies seek to maximize their enterprise data for data-driven decision making. The next step in this movement is the emergence of data champions—citizen data scientists who operate as an advocate for data-based decisions across individual teams and departments. Data champions ingrain a data-driven culture into all levels of the business, as explored by CDO.

In addition to championing the importance of data initiatives, these individuals also free up data scientists and IT personnel to focus on more strategic efforts, such as building new data pipelines and visualizations. If this sounds like something your company could benefit from, read on for important criteria on how to identify data champions within your organization. 

Critical Thinking

Citizen data scientists must be critical thinkers above all else. Critical thinking enables data champions to correctly determine the data sets needed and how to use them to gain valuable and correct insights into business performance. Data champions that think critically can connect the data dots and build a compelling narrative with that data.

Creative Data Storytellers

Data champions can weave together data science initiatives and the resulting insights to understand the significance of those reports to the data team and department stakeholders. Storytelling with data helps stakeholders understand the impact of business decisions like increasing ad spending online or changing the data pipeline more concretely. Citizen data scientists can bridge the gap between data scientists and business leaders by building the data story.

Good Listeners 

Data champions listen to those around them and determine what the business truly needs. This involves identifying any problems that must be solved before embarking on an analytics project. Citizen data scientists that listen closely can easily identify key requirements for the project, include relevant details, and work closely with the data team to build out analytics reports. 

Business-first Mindset

Hand-in-hand with good listening skills is a business mindset. Data champions that have a strong grasp of company objectives and industry trends can better leverage data to improve roadblocks or inefficiencies. Citizen data scientists with a business-first mindset can also leverage data to evaluate the effectiveness of certain trends and new business opportunities. 

AA Ireland Builds Easy-to-use Predictive Models

When AA Ireland realized that it needed new models and new data to better understand its customer base and optimize pricing, it turned to TIBCO® Data Science and TIBCO Spotfire® to build predictive models and tap into the power of citizen data scientists within the company. Now, AA Ireland can build and deploy a model within three months instead of a year and a half. That puts data in the hands of employees faster for better decision making and business initiatives, leading to a 22 percent increase in revenue due to price optimization and fraud reduction with data models.

Empower Your Citizen Data Scientists

TIBCO can help you empower your citizen data scientists and help them become data champions. With the TIBCO platform, your data science team will be able to tackle bigger problems than ever before in less time.

See a demonstration of how citizen data scientists can use Data Science in TIBCO Spotfire. Check out the TIBCO Data Science Youtube Channel for more videos on how Data Scientists and citizen data scientists can work together with TIBCO solutions for better business insights.