New, New, New! WebFOCUS 9.1 Is Now Available

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Today, we are excited to announce the release of WebFOCUS® version 9.1! This latest WebFOCUS release packs new features in the key areas of Designer, the Hub, Data Science, and Cloud. 

WebFOCUS® version 9.1 creates the bridge to a unified authoring tool with new features like Designer Document Mode, Designer Interactions, and major improvements to other existing features. We are also announcing the new data science feature, Natural Language Query (NLQ), is now available to all users, and new data science models are now available for Time Series and Clustering. Focused developments in the Hub continue to position the tool as your single access point for working with data, creating content, and collaborating with other users. Changes to the Hub in this release include integrated search capabilities and direct access to Instant Insights and NLQ. Our Cloud-Native Container Edition for on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments underwent improvements to performance and scale capabilities to help save our customers time and make the product more cost-effective.

Learn more about these WebFOCUS updates.

What’s New with TIBCO WebFOCUS 9.1?

Last month, we had two fantastic WebFOCUS Webinar Events. Read more about them and click the links to watch.

Don’t Get Left Behind: The BI Marketplace Today and Tomorrow 

Chris von Simson from Dresner Advisory Services joined forces with WebFOCUS’ own Porter Thorndike to chat about WebFOCUS and the future of the BI marketplace.

WebFOCUS Friday: Learn What You Can Do with WebFOCUS Designer

WebFOCUS Designer is a browser-based interactive tool that allows users to author reports and visualizations, create multilayer maps, assemble content into pages, and publish pages into portals. This session uses WebFOCUS 9 to walk through a portal creation workflow from start to finish, highlighting major features and functionalities throughout the different areas of Designer along the way.

Refresh Your Version of TIBCO WebFOCUS Now! 

As a valued customer, we want you to benefit from the additional features available in WebFOCUS v.9.1. The TIBCO WebFOCUS Technology Refresh program is a global program that helps you and your organization use the platform’s new capabilities by providing a smooth transition to this latest, feature-rich release. Documentation is accessible on the TIBCO documentation site

Access the Newest Release via TIBCO® eDelivery 

During the past several months, we have enhanced the software development lifecycle processes for our products. These process changes are designed to improve product quality, strengthen alignment with industry best practices, and establish a company standard for certification of general availability releases. This newest release of WebFOCUS has achieved this certification and is available via the TIBCO eDelivery site. For more information regarding what to expect, please review eDelivery-FAQs

Get Your Questions Answered

To learn more, check out these upcoming user groups “What’s New in TIBCO WebFOCUS 9.1”: