Turn Your Insights into Actions, Faster with TIBCO Spotfire® 12

TIBCO Spotfire 12
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How can businesses effectively go from insight to action—and ultimately—see better business results? TIBCO Spotfire® visual analytics allows you to monitor and analyze data while integrating with your business processes. And that’s not all. The recent TIBCO Spotfire 12 update has an exciting new feature: TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud Actions.

Ever wanted to take action directly from your dashboard? Without having to jump over to another system, log in your credentials, and manually update that data? Imagine updating Salesforce directly from a data visualization or sending a Slack message straight from the TIBCO Spotfire platform.

Well, now you can do that—and more—with TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions.

What Are TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions?

New TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions bridge the gap between insight and decision. This no-code capability for writing transactions to any cloud or on-premise application allows you to take action across countless operational systems, spanning all of today’s top enterprise business applications and databases.

Through deep and secure integrations with TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, TIBCO Spotfire users can update systems of record instantly by triggering seamless transactions—directly from a data visualization—without needing to leave the BI environment. Even the non-developer can build highly tailored, fit-for-purpose business applications without the complexity of time-consuming integrations.

TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud Actions Architecture

New features are great, but don’t forget security! Cloud actions in TIBCO Spotfire use a token-based authentication model to ensure secure connections from the platform to an external system. Using a “trust mode,” similar to data functions and scripts, you can be sure all cloud actions are configured by authenticated employees. Additionally, you will see a preview of the data for the parameters for additional approval. Last but not least, personal accounts and credentials are never stored on the platform—keeping your connections secure and your information safe.

TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions Across Industries

Let’s look at some examples of how this new feature can speed up your workflow:

  • Manufacturing: Shut down or reconfigure a malfunctioning machine, shown in your quality control dashboard, by launching an automated process or scheduling a job in your workforce system
  • Banking: Analyze potential fraud, detected by a machine learning model, and report this analysis to your risk management system
  • Energy: Stop a failing turbine engine, shown in your resource monitoring dashboard, and schedule maintenance
  • Transportation: Reroute your vessels to avoid severe weather conditions, shown in your resource monitoring dashboard, while adjusting route and speed; then forecast a new arrival time and schedule updated time slots with the crew for unloading and refueling in your crew management dashboard
  • Government: In response to unpredictable situations, assign available staff to incident investigations or manage staff schedules while monitoring operations in real time

No matter your industry, you can utilize TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions to deliver business insights to systems where workers live and trigger seamless transactions to close the gap between insight and action.

Take Action on Your Analytics

Want to see more TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions in action? Watch this recent LinkedLive session with Dr. Spotfire and Dr. Integration to see how you can take action across several hundred operational systems. The webinar shows you what the feature looks like on your dashboard with several helpful examples.

TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions isn’t the only exciting update to TIBCO Spotfire 12. You can also read about the other exciting TIBCO Spotfire 12 features in this recent blog.

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