Turning Data Science into a Team Sport with TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO® ModelOps

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Like wine and friends, or peanut butter and chocolate, TIBCO Spotfire® and the newly-released TIBCO® ModelOps are even better together. Because together, they fuse the power of data science, visual analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) models. And not just for data scientists but all business users—all within a single visual analytics platform. The result: you accelerate AI and radically grow its value. 

The TIBCO ModelOps platform is a no-code, easy-to-deploy tool for managing models and scoring them in batch, real-time, or via APIs. It’s now integrated with TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics so data scientists can work seamlessly with business users. 

Before exploring the advantages of TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO® ModelOps integration, it’s essential first to understand the value of ModelOps on its own. 

Why ModelOps is So Important to Your AI Future

The TIBCO ModelOps platform enables you to create and deploy AI models in minutes, not months. Any AI/ML model, deployed anywhere, for everyone. Costly AI investments are no longer stuck in the lab but are now fully deployed. 

With TIBCO® ModelOps, you can see many benefits:

  1. Deploy AI models rapidly
  2. Construct scoring pipelines at speed using existing processing steps and AI model components
  3. Anticipate risks, prevent bias, and stay compliant with expanding AI regulations—a huge win

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With TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics, the various users of ModelOps—data engineers, data scientists, business analysts, executive leaders, and others—can all collaborate to create model scoring pipelines. And can quickly assess the performance of scoring pipelines and models both in production and pre-production. 

This is transformative. Research shows that even as most companies are embracing the use of Big Data and AI–with most companies expected to accelerate AI investments—only 30 percent of companies have a well-articulated data strategy. Lack of collaboration is a key culprit. This is costly, counterproductive, and limits the potential of your existing AI and data science investments. TIBCO ModelOps fixes this.

As the OS for your AI, the TIBCO ModelOps solution speeds and simplifies the creation, deployment, management, and governance of all your AI/ML models. And now, you can simply drag and drop your governed scoring pipelines exposed as data functions into a TIBCO Spotfire visual analysis. Here’s why that’s so valuable. 

The Value of AI Model Scoring Pipelines

It’s not just about building and deploying AI models. Data science is a team sport, after all. Data scientists, ML engineers, and others are regularly tasked with scoring pipeline management. This time-consuming oversight task reduces their focus on high-value model creation. There is a better way. 

TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics can execute these models as a TIBCO Spotfire® Data Function. One-click access to TIBCO® ModelOps from within TIBCO Spotfire® Data Functions makes it easy for business teams to monitor model performance–without placing demands on data scientists. There are several other benefits: 

  • Embedded data science scoring pipelines make these assets auditable and accessible across the enterprise—scaling the outputs of the data science teams 
  • Users can access AI scoring pipelines through TIBCO Spotfire® Data Functions for historical or real-time streaming data predictions 
  • Expanded access to AI Scoring Pipelines enables business users to monitor and improve the understanding of data science model performance at scale 

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AI for All

The value of managing and assessing model scoring pipelines from within the TIBCO Spotfire platform should not be overstated. Managing model scoring pipelines across multiple platforms, the current way, is costly. Not only in terms of actual dollars spent but also in return-on-time, as expensive data science resources are drawn away from what they do best.  

Solution: Non-developer business analysts can monitor model performance and leverage data science outputs at scale thanks to the integration of TIBCO® ModelOps and TIBCO Spotfire®

Teams review deployed AI model performance within TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO’s immersive, visual experience makes it a snap for business users to “engage” with individual model factors, changing assumptions of individual model factors and making assessments based on these new visual configurations. Any user, not just data scientists, for example, can assess the impact of model factors. 

Plus, the ever-increasing number of TIBCO Spotfire visualizations imbue new insights onto existing model performance. All TIBCO Spotfire visualizations are interactive and can be configured to respond to real-time data updates, and users can annotate model factors for further investigation. This unlocks potential new opportunities. 

AI for all.  

Post-Data Science

“AI is post data science.” That’s according to Mike Gulatieri, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research. He adds, “You don’t actually need data scientists to implement great enterprise AI solutions. Your software developers can do it with a tiny bit of conceptual training and the right AI platform.”

Agreed. TIBCO Spotfire® 12 plus TIBCO® ModelOps unlocks the full potential of this “post data science” transformation. Sign up to watch Dr. Spotfire’s “Introduction to ModelOps with Spotfire.”