Data Virtualization and WebFOCUS: How the Powerful Partnership Turns Your Data into a Powerhouse

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In today’s modern world, data is growing in complexity, size, and variety faster than enterprises can keep up. As a result, businesses are struggling to meet the demand for agile access to data they desperately need. Data is increasingly disorganized, misunderstood, and trapped in myriad on-premises and cloud infrastructures that aren’t providing the contextual insights they should. 

Without proper intelligence, organizations open the door for critical errors surrounding compliance use cases, operations, or analytics that can alter how they do business. What businesses need, then, is a single platform to manage data and a business intelligence tool to better understand that data. TIBCO WebFocus is one of the best large-scale business intelligence tools in the market; TIBCO Data Virtualization (TDV) provides agile, virtual access to data for over 350 data sources. Now, they’re better together. 

Data Virtualization: What It Is and How It Helps

Data virtualization helps data engineering teams provide a single source of unified data for companies with complex, distributed, mission-critical databases distributed among various sources. WebFocus helps business analysts produce massively scalable reports with embedded AI, machine learning, and pixel-perfect visualizations. 

With data virtualization, you can explore, create, publish, and analyze all data and content at an unprecedented level. This holistic enterprise intelligence provides full content customization and seamless distribution to streamline informed decision-making and minimize the growth restrictions on your business. There will no longer be assets that are difficult to understand or use that add no real benefit to your company. Your teams can unlock an augmented tool that empowers your organization to make real-time strategic decisions using the intuitive insights and analytics the AI platform provides in one single dashboard. 

WebFOCUS: Connected, Embedded, and Customized Integration

Total flexibility and universal application of any software are both essential. Luckily, with the WebFOCUS platform, it’s never been easier—you won’t be experiencing the usual restricted user limits, frustrations with separate sign-ons, or drawn-out installation processes. When using the platform, you’ll be able to connect to any data source on a large scale, instantly deploy tens of thousands of users, and deliver a wide variety of ways to get information into consumer’s hands—whether it be via embedded customer-facing applications, reports, portals, or even websites. The benefits of widely sharing data are plentiful. By having a customized experience and efficient platform, you’ll receive better insights that increase customer engagements, opportunities that drive growth, and diversified revenue models that focus on core strengths by leaving the technological development to the AI platform itself.

TDV + WebFOCUS: A Partnership To Take You To The Next Level

Most enterprises understand the financial commitment to achieving insightful data that can be used in real-time—but do you know how to take WebFOCUS to the next level and see more on your investment? The answer—data virtualization. By combining WebFOCUS with TIBCO Data Virtualization, you can perfectly complement the front-end flexibility of the WebFOCUS reporting applications with the back-end’s ability to continuously create new virtualized data insights without the need for re-design. By partnering the two platforms together, you can achieve greater data agility, increased connectivity, powerful caching and query optimization, and maximized management capabilities. 

When implementing TIBCO Data Virtualization alongside WebFOCUS, you’ll gain unified and unparalleled access to heterogeneous data landscapes and leave the days of data redundancy and wasted lead time behind you. Get started with TIBCO Data Virtualization and TIBCO WebFOCUS today.