From Insight to Action with the All-New TIBCO Spotfire 12

TIBCO Spotfire 12
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You have a need. A need for speed. To soar from data to insight to action. The all-new TIBCO Spotfire 12 makes this possible. With the new Spotfire 12, instantly triggered transactions from your business intelligence (BI) environment become the norm. And when action is taken closer to where business processes are run, results are faster and deliver more value. 

Insight to Action 

Did you know that only 7 percent of enterprises consider themselves an “advanced” insight-driven business? This number has been flat for three years. Chances are your transactional business data is more abundant than ever before but is not moving fast enough across your organization’s many operating systems to trigger timely, data-informed decisions. It should—and now it can with Spotfire 12: 

  • Write transactions to any cloud or on-premises application directly from your BI visualizations  
  • Schedule maintenance, open a ticket, create an alert, reload data, build an API call, add notes to your CRM, and much more—all directly from a Spotfire data visualization 

Cloud-native Spotfire 12 enables you to activate these seamless transactions directly from within Spotfire itself. Cloud Actions leverage the power of deep and secure integration with TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Live Apps, allowing users to take action in several hundred operational systems—ranging from the most popular enterprise business applications, databases, and collaboration platforms. The result: real-time business insights delivered to any platform where workers engage.

This no-code experience for generating actions in any cloud or on-premise application radically extends organizational possibilities. And it’s possible for all users, in fact, not just a few. Spotfire 12 is designed for use by business leaders, data scientists, BI developers, and even citizen data scientists.

Immersive Data Exploration

Spotfire visualizations enable direct data manipulation, allowing the user to mold it in ways that help spark immersive discoveries. Create your own custom business applications: Filter, mark, drill, brush, pan, and zoom to finetune your findings, then share your insights. 

Taking action directly from analytics workflows drives competitive advantage. How? By increasing the volume and quality of timely decisions while lowering the overall cost of operations. Act on your insights where and when you get them.

Plus, with predictive analytics, geolocation analytics, and streaming analytics in one decision and control environment, Spotfire 12 analyzes both data at rest and data in motion. Every user and every organization can discover the richest insights for smarter data-driven decision-making from any kind of data.    

Operationalize and Automate

Type a few letters in the search bar, and the system offers guidance on the most significant relationships and patterns. Click a metric of interest, and the AI-powered recommendations engine (based on embedded data science and machine learning) reveals the outliers and anomalies. 

This agile, augmented experience routes you closer to a decision before even asking the question. It creates countless new opportunities.

Predict and Optimize, At Scale

Unlike dashboarding point solutions, Spotfire analytics natively runs thousands of machine learning and statistical methods via the bundled commercial R and Python. Data scientists use Python and R to great effect—for data prep, feature engineering, machine learning, geoanalytics, and stats. 

TIBCO Spotfire analytics allows non-developers to add pre-built Python and R data functions to Spotfire analyses and visual analytics applications. Predict and optimize at scale. 

These advanced analytics, along with native streaming, enable Spotfire analytics to extend the reach of BI to operationally intensive applications such as manufacturing, supply chain, financial services, and IoT on the edge. 

And since the introduction of Spotfire Mods in version 11, there are now more than 30 new community-developed Visualization Mods to plug into your custom business applications. Data functions are also up to 4X faster with many enhancements to embedded data science with bundled Python and R.   

TIBCO Spotfire And ModelOps

TIBCO ModelOps capabilities in Spotfire allow users to create and score data science models and also monitor model performance⁠—all in one visual analytics platform. With highly governed self-service AI, everyday business analysts can start to infuse their analytics applications with trusted, pre-trained data science scoring models from Tensorflow, Python, PMML, and Spark to detect anomalies, classify, predict, forecast, and deliver revised models without any manual analysis update.

In our next Spotfire 12 blog, we’ll look in-depth at how Spotfire and ModelOps integration enables building fully governed, AI-infused apps for visualizing auditable workflows in a single analytics platform.

Cloud-Native, Deploy Anywhere 

It’s also now easier to deploy and scale Spotfire anywhere with full support for Linux. Official container recipes and Helm charts on a Kubernetes cluster allow for cloud-native management of all Spotfire services while new auto-scaling capabilities for Spotfire services make for much quicker and easier upgrades. This results in an improved overall user experience even as it reduces the total cost of ownership.

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