Create More Value with Less Using TIBCO Cloud Integration

TIBCO Cloud Integration
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Do you have enough IT professionals on your staff to meet the ongoing integration and automation demands of your business? If you answered “yes,” then you don’t need to read this blog. But I’m betting you answered “no,” and if so, read on, because TIBCO can help!

If you are challenged by IT staffing issues, you know that regardless, the demands of the business still need to be satisfied. Those demands are increasing, and the schedules given to complete them are getting more and more compressed. Your business is being forced to move faster and faster to keep pace with today’s highly volatile markets. Something has to give.

TIBCO Cloud Integration Accelerates Your Automation and Integration Initiatives

TIBCO recognized this emerging challenge years ago and acted on it. We designed TIBCO Cloud Integration, our market-leading integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), to help you accelerate your integration initiatives while requiring fewer IT resources to address increasing demand from your business.

Let All Technology Contributors Solve Your Automation and Integration Challenges

This is achieved in a number of ways. For example, many people who work outside of your IT department nonetheless possess technical skills. TIBCO Cloud Integration enables you to tap into these skills so that these “technology contributors” can solve integration and automation challenges themselves and seamlessly work together with IT on complex integration initiatives. 

Now, for example, technology contributors in the front office and various lines of business can use TIBCO Cloud Integration to streamline and automate processes such as employee onboarding, claims processing, marketing lead generation, and many more, without direct involvement from overburdened integration specialists. Yet they do so in an environment that is governed by the IT team. This gives IT leaders peace of mind that business and security policies are being enforced, rapidly reduces backlogs of integration requests, and frees IT specialists and developers to tackle high-value digital business initiatives.

TIBCO Cloud Integration supports all of the technical approaches and design patterns that solve integration challenges. Choosing an optimal approach is fast and easy because TIBCO Cloud Integration intelligently guides the user based on the goal they are trying to accomplish. This reduces learning curves for all users and helps ensure integration development commences as quickly and error-free as possible.

Simplify Data Integration with AI/ML-based Technology

Most integration projects involve the integration of data—the movement, synchronization, or transformation of data across two or more data sources. Typically, different data sources don’t define data fields in the exact same way, which forces the developer to make their best determination as to how different fields “map” to each other. For very large data sources, this can take considerable time. The manual effort not only adds unnecessary development time to the project schedule, but it also increases the risk of mapping errors that lead to poor data quality. 

TIBCO Cloud Integration simplifies the data integration effort, with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) infused smart mapping technology that suggests optimal data mappings to the developer derived from deep learning. It learns from human inputs and past actions taken by the developer to provide contextual results. Data fields are matched based on similarity metrics such as name, type, depth, cardinality, and adjustable ancestor weight. Enhanced auto-mapping capabilities support the mapping of elements in large and complex projects. The level of mapping recommendations is adjustable, such as for basic or advanced recommendations, as well as mapping recommendation parameters that are tunable. 

Automate Integration Monitoring

Once an integration project is complete and deployed to a production environment, human involvement does not end. Integration applications can be critical to the operations and processes of your business. If they slow down or stop working altogether, your business risks disruption. Consider how integration apps connect your digital platform to form a seamless digital experience for your customer and imagine how customer satisfaction is impacted if they cannot order their favorite products because a single integration application terminates unexpectedly.

TIBCO Cloud Integration helps reduce the administrative burden required to ensure your integration apps run optimally. It monitors and provides a cohesive view of, the availability and performance aspects of your integration applications no matter where they are deployed—in your data center, in a public or private cloud, or in TIBCO Cloud—TIBCO’s digital platform that makes it possible to unlock the potential of your real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions.

TIBCO Cloud Integration embeds AI-infused smart engine technology that helps maintain optimal performance for your applications. It enhances application monitoring through custom-generated analysis of tuning options for every running instance of your applications. Via a RESTful interface, you can customize and generate a report that gives you detailed recommendations on how to improve application performance. Using the output of the report, you can adjust compute resources (e.g., CPU or memory) to improve performance. All of this can be accomplished quickly and automatically via a single platform API. This ensures your applications continue to run and scale smoothly, which in turn helps ensure your business operates smoothly.

TIBCO Cloud Integration: More Cost-effective than the Competition

These are just a few of the ways TIBCO Cloud Integration helps your IT team do more with less. In fact, an independent performance assessment put TIBCO Cloud Integration to the test and found it to be 48 percent more cost effective to implement integration solutions over competitive offerings. We invite you to contact TIBCO to receive a guided demonstration of the differentiating features delivered in TIBCO Cloud Integration.

TIBCO Cloud Integration is powered by TIBCO Cloud, which embeds a wealth of capabilities to address your connectivity, data quality, data management, and analytics initiatives. You can easily combine capabilities in TIBCO Cloud to address integration use cases not achievable with other iPaaS vendors. Join me in future blogs as I explore some of these use cases and show you how you can create even more value for your business, with less.