Top Tips For A Pain-free Cloud Partner Strategy

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I’ve had a “shiner” on my left eye for the last several weeks. It was embarrassingly self-inflicted by my racquet but given in avoidance of a screaming ball hurtling toward my face. I don’t feel so bad about the pain because the ball would have caused an even greater world of hurt. 

Much like the ball in my misadventure, cloud hyperscaler partnerships represent a “screaming” opportunity headed toward us as we build out our ecosystem of partners and the value we can mutually bring to each other. The trick is to handle that opportunity appropriately and avoid the pain of a partner strategy gone awry. 

Whether it’s missing revenue because you’ve batted away the partnership opportunity too quickly or choosing the wrong partnerships to hyperscale your ecosystem, the occasions for pain are all too real. But you can avoid them.

You can build a partnership without getting a proverbial “shiner” in the process if you understand and acknowledge two essential facts:

  1. Cloud hyperscaler partnerships are different, and success with them requires a different approach.
  2. These partnerships can be highly complementary to your own direct and indirect sales efforts. 

You want to catch the opportunity and not miss the chance to hyperscale your partner ecosystem. Here are three tips for a pain-free cloud partner strategy.

Tip 1. Seek Out a Solid Bridge

It’s hard to find a business today that’s not thinking about the value of bring-your-own-license cloud infrastructure or scaled SaaS services available “by the use.” When you’re looking for a cloud vendor partnership, choose a vendor that can help you bridge gaps with other partners or with legacy on-premises software. 

Look for partnerships that move you toward and help you support a modern data strategy. Doing so will help you avoid the pain of partnerships that fail to unlock potential value for your organization.

Tip 2. Clearly Define Your Cloud Objectives 

Why are you considering hyperscale partnerships? What business objectives are you planning to achieve with the partnership? How does your own existing technology inform your decisions regarding partnerships with cloud providers and hyperscalers? 

Answering these questions can point you in the right direction to partners that will align with your data agenda. Give careful consideration to what you hope to achieve to avoid the pain of partnership misalignments.

Tip 3. Think Synergy

“Synergy” is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. 

Consider your cloud consulting partner’s alignment and partnerships as equally important if you want to really leverage the combined value of a cloud hyperscaler, your cloud consulting partner, and your own great solutions and services.

Thinking of the partnership as a true partnership rather than simply an exercise in vendor procurement will help you avoid the pain of ineffective partnerships that produce little to no measurable growth for your organization. 

Avoid Partnership Pains with TIBCO

TIBCO solutions are cloud-native and cloud-ready. TIBCO SI partners can build on highly valuable customer implementations and cloud migration strategies with:

  • Connector integration and messaging history
  • Data virtualization
  • Management and governance
  • Sophisticated analytics
  • Machine learning solutions

TIBCO’s direct seller ecosystem provides pain-free, hyperscale-backed cloud infrastructure solutions to support on-demand needs, providing your customers with modern data strategies.

How TIBCO Supports a Thriving Partnership Ecosystem

TIBCO takes the pain out of partnership by providing a thriving partner ecosystem that fully supports all partners. Here’s a quick look at what TIBCO’s partnership ecosystem involves:

The Partner Community

TIBCO has fostered a partner community that supports traditional implementation partners and resellers. Many great partners provide excellent TIBCO solutions and professional services to our mutual customers. These partners have thousands of certified professionals unlocking the value of real-time data for better decision-making. 

TIBCO places a high value on partners who build their solutions on TIBCO.

Cloud Hyperscalers and GSIs

Cloud hyperscalers and large GSIs know and understand TIBCO’s partnership ecosystem and support TIBCO’s efforts with various programs geared toward customer value in migrations and SaaS solutions. 

Co-Sell Leaders

TIBCO has teams of co-sell leaders to support our Regional and Global System Integrators, our OEM partners, Strategic Territory Partners, and our Cloud Partnerships. We are deeply invested in understanding and supporting cloud partner programs, which enables us to encourage cloud adaptation. 

Monthly Global Partner Update Calls

TIBCO’s monthly Global Partner Update Call provides a direct connection to TIBCO leadership and third-party experts dedicated to supporting partner success. We cover top-of-mind topics for partners such as the content in a recent call entitled “Leveraging Cloud Partnerships to Drive Sales,” which included can’t-miss information from our cloud sales and marketing team leaders. You can check it out here.

All of these efforts and more help TIBCO support a vibrant and growing partner ecosystem.

TIBCO NOW: Where Partners Can Meet, Greet, and Learn More

Take the opportunity to see many of our partners at our upcoming global event, TIBCO NOW. You will see a host of new SaaS-based solutions from TIBCO that support our cloud-ready and cloud-native partnerships with cloud hyperscalers. Join us for TIBCO NOW and learn more about TIBCO and our fantastic partner ecosystem.