TIBCO Analytics Forum 2022: Now Watch Your Favorite Sessions On-Demand

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A stellar line-up of data analytics visionaries and product experts. Organizations sharing their innovative use of data analytics to grow their impact and improve results. The biggest participating audience in TAF history. This year’s TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) delivered on its mission to inspire, inform and lead through innovation.

You can now stream all TAF 2022 sessions on-demand through July 15. Access sessions directly from the TAF Agenda Page.

Not sure where to start? Below are five excellent TAF “streams” to add to your watchlist.

1.  Visual Analytics in Time and Space

TIBCO CAO Michael O’Connell lays out the conference theme—Visual Analytics in Time and Space—with examples of time trends, and geospatial and space-time analytics. He is joined by dataviz guru and visual artist Nadieh Bremer. 

Nadieh has created award-winning visual analytics for Google, Sony Music, UNICEF, and the New York Times. She recently co-authored Data Sketches with Shirley Wu.  

2.  Data Science Visionaries

TIBCO product experts and data science leaders show how to connect insight with action. Start with: 

  • Spotfire Mods: The latest and greatest graphics and visualizations

Then add these TAF breakout sessions to your Watchlist:

  • Digital Twins to Predict Manufacturing Events with Spotfire and Data Science
  • Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing with TIBCO Spotfire & Data Science
  • Explore Text with Natural Language Processing Algorithms and Visuals in Spotfire

3.  Product Training 

As always, TAF delivered product training for all levels for both TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO WebFOCUS. Start with: 

  • TIBCO Tech: TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Streaming to Analyze Data in Real Time

Then add these sessions to your Watchlist: 

  • TIBCO Tech: TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Virtualization to Unify Varied Sources
  • TIBCO Tech: TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Team Studio to Build and Analyze a Model
  • Data Science Capabilities in TIBCO WebFOCUS

And if you’re a developer, you’ll want to catch: 

  • TIBCO Spotfire: Product Knowledge Training for Developers

4.  Innovative Applications of Data Analytics

Another highlight of TAF is the engaging and detailed customer success stories. Each presenter shares their efforts to overcome critical data challenges and extend the value of their organization. 

Watch these sessions: 

  • Bayer AG: Experiences Creating New Visualization Types Using Spotfire Mods API
  • Birchcliff Energy: Efficiency Gains using Spotfire Software in Spatial and Analytics Workflows
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency: Solving Environmental Data Challenges Using TIBCO Spotfire Software

That’s just to start. There are many more customer-led presentations spanning every major industry sector, including government, healthcare, oil & gas, and manufacturing. All are available to watch on-demand.  

5.  Humanizing the Analytics & Reporting Experience with AI

Professor Emeritus Ben Shneiderman discusses his new book, Human-Centered AI. He walks us through the growing influence of human-centered AI, then describes how it is possible to have high levels of human control AND high levels of automation. 

  • Humanizing the Analytics & Reporting Experience with AI

Connect with Data Analytics Leaders

Sessions that inspire and inform are only one aspect of TAF. Another core feature of TAF is connecting with data analytics leaders, product experts, and colleagues. Simply add your LinkedIn URL to your TAF attendee profile, then click on a speaker or attendee’s LinkedIn badge.

Watch TAF sessions through July 15, 2022.