TAF Day 2: Visual Analytics Are the Window to a Better World

TIBCO Analytics Forum
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Day two of TAF22, the TIBCO Analytics Forum, kept up the pace. A host of data analytics visionaries, data science pros, and TIBCO customers showed how they combine the practical with the innovative to unleash sustainable competitive advantage and make the world a happier place. You can watch all sessions on-demand. 

Watch TAF22 sessions on-demand through July 15.

Humanizing Analytics

Leading off Day Two at TAF was a fascinating conversation featuring professor emeritus Ben A. Shneiderman and TIBCO CAO Michael O’Connell. Titled “Humanizing the Analytics & Reporting Experience with AI,” the focus centered on Shneiderman’s new book, Human Centered AI. The pair discussed the growing influence of “human-centered AI,” and Shneiderman described how it is possible to have both high levels of human control and automation.

SEPA’s Spotfire Successes

Another highlight of Day Two was the women-led Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) presentation by Claire Neil, Lauren Fuller, and Róisín Murray-Williams. The past 18 months have provided the agency with a unique set of challenges. Neil, Fuller, and Murray-Williams walked us through how they effectively tackled many data challenges, extending beyond their environmental protection mission. These included helping inform Scotland’s response to COVID and developing interim systems in the wake of a cyberattack—all while protecting the environment. The presenters also discussed how SEPA is building an environmental digital twin and taking advantage of analytics functions in Spotfire, including visual mods. Add this session to your on-demand watchlist.  

If You Give A Data Scientist A Challenge…

Data scientists are builders. That was clear during the many TAF22 Day Two breakout sessions.

“Build End-to-end Spotfire Applications with Spotfire Data Functions” showed us how to build end-to-end applications with data exploration, model building, and model evaluation.

TIBCO’s Vijay Raman walked us through the latest innovations in TIBCO WebFOCUS software and the new WebFOCUS Hub—showing how these enable new machine learning capabilities.

In “Data on Fire: End-to-end Data Management and Analytics,” TIBCO experts delivered a rapid-fire tour of the TIBCO Unify and Predict portfolio, showing how hyperconverged analytics, in this case, can increase oil and gas production.

Innovative Customers

The TIBCO Analytics Forum is uniquely helpful because it features actual customers walking participants through how they used data analytics and data management tools to solve pressing data challenges. On day two of TAF, TIBCO customers happily shared their successes and data best practices:

  • Birchcliff Energy delivered an under-the-hood look at the Spotfire applications they built to address key pain points in their well development planning.
  • Taylor University implemented TIBCO solutions to build a culture of “data-informed decision-making” for faculty, staff, and students.  
  • Robert Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing uses Spotfire software to visualize and analyze semiconductor wafer map spatial test data. These Spotfire multi-layered, trellised map charts allow engineers to examine wafer maps at any level of detail, grouping and binning wafers at will.  

There were many more!

  • Hess Corporation is leveraging highly customizable visualizations, geospatial analytics, and mods to generate actionable insights–from performance, forecasting, company competitor activity, and price discounts.
  • GlobalFoundries showed us how they embraced the API to extend Spotfire software for a semi-automated application that calculates, visualizes, and monitors process capability metrics. Results are used to standardize process capability monitoring.
  • Spain’s Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti is improving patient outcomes using process mining and novel visualizations.

Watch TAF22 sessions on-demand through July 15.

More TAF22 Day 2 Highlights

There was enough unique content on Day Two of TAF to fill up a data scientist’s year at college. Breakout sessions to watch on-demand included:

  • Explore Text with Natural Language Processing Algorithms and Visuals in Spotfire 
  • Enterprise-scale Data Science: TIBCO Data Science and Spotfire 
  • What’s New and What’s Next in TIBCO WebFOCUS

You can re-watch it all on-demand from the TAF Agenda page.