The Power of Snowflake and TIBCO Data Virtualization

TIBCO Data Virtualization and Snowflake
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Data is the new competitive battleground, and businesses that take advantage of their data will be the leaders. According to McKinsey, companies whose employees consistently use data as a basis for their decision making are nearly 1.5 times more likely to report revenue growth of at least 10 percent in the past three years. 

Gaining this advantage is more difficult than ever as data volumes are growing exponentially, and data is more widely distributed across on-premises, the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming sources, and the cloud. One way to unlock the data’s value is to take advantage of the agility provided by cloud technologies. It’s clear that leading businesses are already on that path; the cloud data warehouse market is set to grow by 10.42 billion from 2021 to 2026.

Traditional physical data integration via legacy data warehousing and ETL is often too time-consuming, too rigid, and too costly to support your dynamic business needs. Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse—combined with a data virtualization solution—can ease these challenges, allowing you to connect your data from cloud and on-premises sources while enhancing data governance. This collaboration seamlessly makes your data available to fuel insight for data science and analytics.

The Power of Snowflake

Organizations are migrating their on-premises data warehouses to the public cloud to increase performance and agility. With a cloud-based data warehouse, you can gain insights faster, which can lead to increased innovation and better decision making.

Data isn’t useful until it’s turned into knowledge and acted upon. With an increase in real-time analytics capabilities, organizations need a data warehouse and analytics infrastructure that can quickly meet time requirements for reports, queries, and insights.

Snowflake is a popular choice, as it eliminates low-level data warehouse infrastructure tasks, saves time, and reduces overall system complexity and costs. Snowflake customers have elevated their data to deliver actionable results through creative data interpretation and use. 

However, many businesses find that they need help taming the complexities of a large data warehouse (or multiple data warehouses) or want added security to combat growing cyberattacks. IT is often inundated with requests to load into Snowflake, but these requests may be poorly defined, short-lived, or urgent. That’s where data virtualization’s agile framework comes into play.

TIBCO Data Virtualization Enables More Value from More Data, Faster

Data virtualization complements a data warehouse and unlocks the value of data across myriad sources, including one or more data warehouses. By providing a unified virtual layer—a virtual data fabric—data warehouses can use a data virtualization platform as the ingest point, and analytics systems can use it as the access point. Many organizations use data warehouses as targets for caching data virtualization.

What’s the true benefit of adding data virtualization to your Snowflake data warehouse architecture? TIBCO Data Virtualization can help with multiple use cases:

  • Migrate on-premises data in a controlled manner
  • Federate across any significant data source with Snowflake
  • Combine Snowflake data and other sources to drive actionable insights
  • Enhance security and governance, such as granular security or masking
  • Fuel insights from data science and analytics

Using data virtualization, businesses can very quickly create federated views that join new data with the data existing in Snowflake. This provides an agile framework to quickly show results to end users to validate or refine their requirements. End users also get access to their data much faster than going through the ETL process of staging, loading, and backing up this data in Snowflake. Additionally, using data virtualization, IT can monitor use frequencies to determine if data should actually be loaded and persisted in Snowflake or even discontinued.

Data virtualization is becoming indispensable for data-driven organizations. With the right solution, you can: 

  • Minimize big data complexity by providing a secure unified view (with included drag and drop creation and publishing)
  • Use a self-service platform optimized for high-speed query
  • Provide a complete view (data catalog) of all accessible datasets

TIBCO + Snowflake, Better Together

Get the most out of your Snowflake cloud data warehouse today. Leverage TIBCO Data Virtualization software and Snowflake to gain faster access to your data for easy analysis—without compromising data quality. With all of your data sources combined into one management console, you can easily drive actionable insights for your data science and analytics.

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