TIBCO CEO and Lewis Hamilton on the Importance of Data for Supporting Inclusion

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In a wide-ranging talk on the value of diversity, TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman and seven-time Formula One champion Sir Lewis Hamilton discuss the power of data to illuminate the benefits of diversity.

Hamilton confesses to an “explosion of emotions” witnessing racial injustices in the UK, US, and around the world, he tells Streetman.

Utilizing Diversity Data to Fuel Change in the UK Motorsport Industry

As the only Black driver during his youth and then the first Black driver in Formula 1, Hamilton has been acutely aware of the lack of drivers from diverse backgrounds. But within motorsports, under-representation is not just limited to the drivers on the starting grid.

The lack of diversity within the end-of-season photo in 2019 was the catalyst for Hamilton to take action. In collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Hamilton Commission was formed. The goal was to identify data-supported barriers to recruitment and progression of Black people within UK motorsport. After a ten-month research period, the Hamilton Commission published its report, Accelerating Change: Improving Representation of Black People in UK Motorsport, which includes ten recommendations for addressing the barriers identified within the report. 

Using Data to Make Change Happen

In addition to diversity within UK motorsport, the Hamilton Commission is also working with the London Royal Academy of Engineering to “get young black kids into STEM [and] ensure they are progressing through,” said Hamilton. 

Streetman, who served in the US military and saw first-hand that “people from different backgrounds make for better teams,” applauds Hamilton’s efforts. 

“You used the data to make change happen,” Streetman notes. 

As the two continued their discussion about the power of data to impact change, Hamilton conveyed the story of returning to the Mercedes team headquarters after the pandemic. He was struck by the growing number of women and minorities now working there. He wants to take that “more diverse ecosystem” beyond Mercedes to the other F1 teams and sponsors. 

Data shows us that “diverse teams deliver better results,” Streetman states. 

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