Celebrating TIBCO Partner Superheroes

    TIBCO Partner Program
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    Today, April 28, 2022, is National Superhero Day! Are you more of a Marvel superhero fan or a DC superhero fan? Personally, I’m more of a DC fan. While Marvel Comics originally created this National Day in 1995, I read “the rules” and am happy to report that this day doesn’t have to be specific to Marvel superheroes, nor is it specific to comic book superheroes. 

    In the spirit of National Superhero Day, and as part of the TIBCO Partner Team, I am dedicating this blog to celebrating the superhero powers of our TIBCO partners. As a member of the TIBCO partner team, aka The Partner Posse, I have the privilege of seeking out, curating, and sharing the superpowers of our partners every day. 

    Our partners are critical to our success. Each TIBCO partner has a unique superpower that helps TIBCO and the TIBCO Partner Ecosystem drive innovations that solve the world’s most challenging problems and deliver extraordinary results that serve our customers and communities.

    Awarding the “Best of the Best” Partner Superheroes

    I love this time of year because TIBCO goes all out to find and honor the strongest, most innovative partners with our annual TIBCO Partner Awards. We seek out our distinguished superhero partners who leverage TIBCO data and analytics technology to develop, market, sell, and deliver industry-leading solutions that make them truly stand out in their field. Then, we all get together to celebrate with an awards ceremony that takes place at TIBCO NOW

    This year, TIBCO NOW is back in person in Las Vegas on September 20-22. We have a lot of plans in the works to honor our partners’ superhero powers. What happens in Vegas isn’t going to stay in Vegas. We are going to shout loud and proud long after our time there to continue to celebrate the success of our partner award winners throughout the year.

    How are TIBCO Partner Award Winners Selected?

    Partners fill out an application, and TIBCO then selects award winners based on their level of overall, well-rounded engagement. We take into account sales growth and achievement as well as participation in and engagement with the TIBCO Partner Program tools and resources. Applications are open and must be submitted by June 1, 2022. Apply or nominate a partner.

    TIBCO Partner Superpowers in Action

    Get to know the TIBCO partners who bring to market agility and innovation to drive greater impact on customer success. Explore the 2021 TIBCO Partner Award Look Book to learn about last year’s TIBCO Partner Award winners and their superpowers. 

    TIBCO partners are also creating new and innovative solutions powered by TIBCO technology. View a showcase of solutions our partners have built in the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase.

    “Every partner in our ecosystem plays an essential role in driving and delivering superior customer experiences. These organizations and the teams behind them exemplify and echo our partner mantra—that we are always better together.” 

    —Tony Beller, senior vice president of worldwide partner ecosystems and sales, TIBCO

    With Deepest Thanks to All the Real-Life Superheroes

    There are countless, real-life superheroes who deserve recognition today and every day. Thank you to all our real-life superheroes for all that you do to keep us safe, healthy, laughing, learning, inspired, and empowered.