Protecting the Earth, One Sustainable Measure At A Time

TIBCO Connected Intelligence
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One drop in a bucket over time can make a massive change.

Every April, we take a moment to reflect on the ways we can help our planet thrive and improve current conditions. This year, Earth Day’s official theme is to “act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).” With this in mind, TIBCO and its customers are working to drive sustainability using bold, innovative digital solutions for a greener, equitable tomorrow. Learn more about how we are all working to meet environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals.

Waste Management Cultivates Innovation

Traditionally a logistics and transportation company, Waste Management (WM) handles more than just waste; it invests in an array of technologies that convert waste into a form that can be used or recycled—instead of dumped in a landfill. With TIBCO, Waste Management built ENSPIRE, a cloud-based data analytics platform that tracks environmental sustainability metrics by aggregating and repackaging raw data into a useful, interactive dashboard so customers can make better, smarter environmental and business decisions. ENSPIRE has become customers’ one-stop-shop for insights into their sustainability programs, as the open platform can be customized to include data beyond waste and recycling, such as water, energy, carbon, and much more. Waste Management also uses the same TIBCO analytics platform internally, helping them improve flexibility and speed through automation; in some cases, achieving up to 90 percent faster time-to-insights while significantly increasing data accuracy and impact of decision making. 

TIBCO Spotfire’s unmatched performance, comprehensive solution, flexible deployment model, and adaptability to meet anyone’s specific needs are why many leading companies offering new and innovative insight-driven services like ENSPIRE trust TIBCO as the OEM foundation on which they can build their analytics offerings. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or data scientist!) to get started with Spotfire. To show how easy it is to get up and running with Spotfire, we took a few data highlights from WM’s most recent Sustainability Report and visualized them in just a few minutes.

View the full Waste Management ESG Dashboard here. 

With TIBCO solutions, Waste Management has been able to grow its strategic alliances to better understand what new innovations to bring to customers. TIBCO’s analytic insights provide the company with the information it needs to make suggestions and be proactive with customers while also helping them provide guidance.

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The Rainforest Alliance Sustains Supply Chain Visibility and Certification

The Rainforest Alliance is on a mission to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods around the world by transforming consumer behavior and business practices. Its labeling and certification efforts encourage sustainable agricultural, forestry, manufacturing, and tourism practices. To improve supply-chain data quality, the Rainforest Alliance team wanted to automate the movement of data among these systems. With TIBCO integration solutions, the non-profit organization can now run information seamlessly between core CRM, accounting, supply chain, and data warehouse systems without manual intervention. The team now has greater visibility into its supply chain. They can track certifications and provide stronger recommendations and options to consumers looking for sustainable and eco-friendly products.

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Scottish Environment Protection Agency Transforms with Analytics

From the rocky coastlines to the glistening lochs, the Scottish environment is a strongly loved and respected part of the country’s national heritage. Not only does the environment attract millions of tourists every year, but it also fuels the country’s global competitiveness in industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, and manufacturing. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (also known as SEPA) plays a key role in protecting human health and the environment, ensuring sustainable use of natural resources, and helping contribute to the country’s economic growth. For years, SEPA relied on the manual collection, analysis, and reporting of its testing samples. The amount of time it took to visit a certain site and record its conditions stifled productivity, as did all the follow-up work required, including data analysis, paperwork, and communication with policymakers to drive decisions.

Historically, the River Kelvin in Glasgow has had pollution issues. Through analyses of chemistry data, SEPA showcased how environmental changes have impacted the river catchment.

By implementing an advanced analytics solution, SEPA revolutionized the way it collects, analyzes, and reports data—fueling insights into action to advance a wide range of environmental protection goals. With TIBCO, SEPA built and rapidly deployed a range of new, customizable solutions to address a wide variety of cases, now equipped with a powerful, mobile-friendly analytics platform supplemented by data science and visualization.

“Our limited pool of specialists are in the field inspecting farms, speaking to farmers, educating, cleaning up the environment, where they should be. Previously, staff were in the office, looking for maps, asking for phone numbers. Now, all the facts are available to them and they can focus on being in the field where they need to be.”


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SEMARNAT Protects Natural Resources with Data Integration

Mexico’s environment ministry, SEMARNAT, is charged with protecting, restoring, and conserving the country’s ecosystems, natural resources, assets, and environmental services. Its goal is to foster sustainable development and keep Mexico’s citizens informed on matters concerning the environment and natural resources. In the past, most of the agency’s analytics efforts were performed manually—printing publications to disseminate relevant environmental information. Using TIBCO solutions, the agency built a customized business intelligence and analytics platform to suit its specific needs.

“The flexibility of TIBCO allowed us to undertake larger future development and to enable our system to continue growing. The platform reduces reporting times, delivers complex analysis, and above all, shares these results with intranet, extranet, and Internet users.”


Read the full case study.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Whether you’re looking to connect all your applications, data, devices, and processes; unify all your data into a single source for more efficient data management; or leverage analytics to predict performance and track your ESG goals—you too can drive sustainable transformation in your company with TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions

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