Solving Your Most Difficult Integration Challenges Smarter, Faster, and Better

TIBCO Cloud Integration
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As part of TIBCO’s mission to empower anyone to integrate anything and address your most complex integration challenges—both business and technical—we’ve developed innovative integration features for every user in your enterprise. These innovations will enable you to integrate your business smarter, faster, and better than ever before.

Details on the Release

The TIBCO Cloud™ Integration Release for Q1 2022 is packed with value-added features that will further empower your citizen integrators, improve the run time for your app owners and app developers, and help optimize design time for your integration specialists. 

This release provides value for every integration stakeholder in your enterprise: citizen integrators, app developers, and integration specialists.

Citizen integrators benefit from a new and improved data mapping interface:

  • An enhanced drag-and-drop interface with visual data linking transforms the mapping experience and makes it easier and more intuitive to visualize what data is mapped, the type of data being mapped, and where the data is going in the target datastore.
  • We’e also enhanced features for conditional data mapping with the introduction of If/Else conditions. We’ve provided a natural way to configure and visual these conditionals in the user interface for both simple and complex conditions.
  • Based on user feedback, we’ve provided new functions aimed to improving usability and increasing data processing efficiency for complex object types.
  • We’ve also improved the functionality for users when they make changes within their flows: they are no longer required to update downstream activities and mappings because these functions are now automatically updated. 

App developers and owners benefit from improvements to app runtime with enhanced monitoring capabilities: 

  • App developers and owners can now capture the traces from their apps by using OpenTelemetry, the unified standard for service instrumentation. Users can send these traces to any observability vendor tools such as Jaeger, Zipkin, Datadog, and more.
  • New functionality for changing the log level of running app instances can be implemented without restarting the app by using the public platform API methods. 

Integration specialists can boost design-time experience with an enhanced SmartMapper:

  • Basic and advanced smart mapping wizard provides intelligent matching of the source and target elements by comparing their names, ancestors, types, depth, and cardinality—even in large complex projects.
  • Adjustable weight on matching characteristics enables better data mapping.
  • Recommendation-based mapping allows users to control and select the matching recommendation elements.
  • A learning and verifying tool to compare matching with the previous human selections provides better matching results. 

For more information about the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration Q1 2022 Release, visit the release notes page on TIBCO Community.