First Ever Virtual TIBCO Customer Certification Day a Huge Success

TIBCO Certification Day
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For the first time ever, TIBCO held a global virtual Customer Certification Day. It was a huge success—with 2,397 certifications attained and nearly 1,400 customers participating. 

“In the past, we might have had about 500 certifications for the whole year, so nearly 2,400 certifications in one day is fantastic,” said Penny Hill, TIBCO’s Senior Director, Education Programs. Hill continues, “We now expect over 15,000 certifications in 2022, including TIBCO customers and partners.”  

Beginning and Advanced Certifications

The virtual Customer Certification Day allowed TIBCO customers around the globe to take an unlimited number of product certification exams. Of those 1,400 new customers that signed up for Certification Day, nearly 1,000 successfully completed certification. 

Certification is available for products across TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform. TIBCO Certified Associate (TCA) is for those new to TIBCO products, and TIBCO Certified Professional (TCP) is for more advanced users. Users can attain certifications in TIBCO products throughout the year. 

New Skills-Based Certifications

Two new training pillars were rolled out on Certification Day. “Micro Exams” include 28 specialized courses available on various TIBCO product functions. There’s a “micro” course on TIBCO Spotfire Geospatial analysis, for example, and one on TIBCO Cloud API Management, plus many more. According to Hill, these new micro exams permit “certifications both for a TIBCO product and a specialized function within that product. But these specializations are more demanding.”

New courses will be available soon for TIBCO product administrators. “We want to enhance the skills of those who administer, deploy or otherwise support TIBCO products but who don’t necessarily need to be experts in the product itself,” said Hill. Plus, a developer track is in the works.

Earn Your Digital Badge

A fun new feature of TIBCO certifications is the digital badge. Those who pass certification receive a digital badge that prominently highlights their accomplishment. With one click, the badge can be added to the user’s LinkedIn profile.

Benefits of TIBCO Certification

The TIBCO Certification Program is available for partners, customers, and IT professionals. TIBCO Certification confirms your expertise and signals to employers, customers, and industry peers that you have the technical skills and knowledge to deliver superior services.

We now expect over 15,000 certifications in 2022, including TIBCO customers and partners. Click To Tweet

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