Food for Thought: Increase Customer Loyalty like Riteway Foods and Jumbo Supermarket

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Which store are you more likely to shop at? The one who sends you a coupon for the item you just viewed? Or the one where you have to zoom into products on your phone because their website isn’t optimized? The answer is easy—you want the best shopping experience.

Retail—and its customers—have benefitted from a shift to digital. More than most industries, retail has a plethora of options for groceries, household products, clothing, dining out, and more.

With all these options, customers want their retailer to cut through the noise with personalized offers based on past purchases and future recommendations. Whether it’s receiving real-time coupons while shopping on a store’s app or recommended bundles to go with products already in a shopping cart—customers can now have, and expect, personalized and updated information on the go with any device. 

It’s critical for retailers to become data-centric to provide:

  • Personalized offers based on past shopping and preferences
  • Seamless shopping on the web, mobile, curbside, or in store
  • Mobile optimization for easy shopping on the go

Retailers who succeed at digital transformation are leaders in their field. Riteway Foods, based in Florida, and Jumbo Supermarket, based in the Netherlands, both use data to delight grocery shoppers.

Riteway Foods Unlocks Strategy with Analytics

Riteway Foods is a food broker that works with grocery retailers to market and merchandise food and household products. The company gives grocers best in class strategies to align brands at the national level and for local shoppers. Food brokers help stores place optimal products at eyesight and inform stores of which products are trending. If you’ve been in a grocery store recently, you’ve probably seen big brand cereal boxes at the eye-level of children—or natural, organic products placed close to the produce. This type of merchandising connects products to the ideal customer for the most savory shopping experience.

Before utilizing TIBCO Spotfire software to run analytics, Riteway Food did what most traditional food brokers do, use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of limited data. However, to delight customers in the digital era, Riteway knew it needed to be at the forefront of innovation by utilizing interactive and explorative analytics.

Instead of tracking down data manually, the team can spend its time analyzing results with the new platform. TIBCO’s robust analytics platform allows Riteway Foods to analyze data on the fly for its customers. If a retailer wants to know which brand of water is performing best with its customers, the analytics team can tell them right away.

According to Elisa Westlund, EVP Marketing and Technology, the tool does all the work for her: “The tool does it for me on the fly. I can break down a category. I can just look at a Keurig K-cups for coffee, and I can look at just spring water. And [with TIBCO Spotfire] I can break it down, I can look at overall water, we can look at various pieces of a category, and then we can see how a decision tree applies to a category and apply that attribute. So that has become extremely powerful for us, for our clients, and has enhanced our relationship with our retailers.”

This analytics-based strategy was crucial during the pandemic. With access to unique data insights, Westlund and her team could monitor stocking and alert their customers of shopping trends due to COVID-19. 

According to Westlund, “Without Spotfire, I don’t think we could have turned our reports around in just a week’s time to start adding insights into what we do.” The team went from spending 80 percent of their time collecting data and building reports to now turning around data-driven insights in just seven days.

Learn more about how you can succeed like Riteway by watching this video.

Jumbo Puts Customers First and Increases Loyalty

Jumbo is one of the largest online and in-store food retailers in the Netherlands and has recently expanded into Belgium. With the rollout of a new loyalty program and compliance with new GDPR requirements, Jumbo realized it needed a better and more reliable way to track and unify data—especially with its growing customer base.

To put customers first, continuously exceed expectations, and turn its customers into real fans, Jumbo used master data management solutions from TIBCO, and TIBCO Silver Partner, Systemation Netherlands

With a single source of data, Jumbo can easily keep track of customer data across all departments: online shopping, shipping, payment, and more. Having control over its master data means that Jumbo can know exactly what its customers are ordering and how its suppliers are delivering. With TIBCO EBX solutions, Jumbo teams can enter, manage, and validate data for better customer service.

Mastered data is crucial for a growing customer loyalty program. If you can’t keep track of your points, you’re much less likely to continue to shop with that store. Likewise, the more rewards you earn, the more likely you are to visit and enjoy the store. Jumbo not only can see what customers are interested in and keep track of all customer data—but the company can gain insights into trends over time as the team continues to add to their growing customer base.

Learn more about all the technical details of JUMBO’s transformation by watching this recent webinar.

Retail Solutions For Your Business

Whether it’s analytics, data management, or data integration solutions, TIBCO has your retail organization covered. From in-the-moment data for contextualized offers—to the ability to connect data for a true understanding of your customer—TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence empowers you to build rich, connected experiences across any channel, improve business outcomes, and make faster, smarter decisions.

Retailers who succeed at digital transformation are leaders in their field. Riteway Foods, based in Florida, and Jumbo Supermarket, based in the Netherlands, both use data to delight grocery shoppers. Click To Tweet

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