Hack and Win Big with TIBCO LABS While Tackling Sustainability Challenges with IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is woven into the fabric of our lives. From connected devices that control the temperature in your home to those that help you achieve your wellness goals, IoT makes our lives easier and better in a plethora of ways.

Organizations, too, gain a powerhouse of IoT-based benefits, from increased operational efficiency to reduced errors and costs to better, faster decision making. And these capabilities only scratch the surface.    

But let’s consider the bigger, broader picture: How can we harness IoT’s vast potential to create a better, more environmentally sustainable world? If the idea of contributing to this effort inspires and excites you, TIBCO has the perfect opportunity for you. 

TIBCO Software and the TIBCO LABS Innovation Team Announce its First Global IoT and Sustainability Hackathon

Climate change and environmental sustainability are two of our world’s most daunting, complex challenges. Solving them requires a collective effort from people who can dive deep into the well of possibilities to create innovative, creative solutions. And given the wealth of capabilities IoT brings to the table, it’s a natural fit to play a pivotal role in developing sustainability solutions. One example is its ability to enrich and streamline data collection.  

This two-phased hackathon features:

  • Ideation phase (November 15, 2021–January 14, 2022): This is the time to submit your idea. Receive a score of 70 points or higher to move to the next phase.
  • Development phase (January 20–January 29, 2022): Get your hack on during this phase and solve one or more of the sub-themes listed above to win big.

You’ll find all the information you need—details, rules, guidelines, a list of judges and judging criteria, participating teams, and a discussion thread here.

You can focus your brainpower on proposing projects that address one or more of the suggested environmental sustainability themes or come up with your own—whichever inspires you the most:

  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Water
  • Food Production
  • Pollution
  • Transportation

To learn more about these sub-themes, visit the #OSSDAY Hackathon overview page for more details, along with a few general ideas to kick-start your thinking.

Developers who sign up for the challenge will work with Project AIR from TIBCO LABS—which features open, simple-to-use tools integrated into a vendor-agnostic platform—to make participation and collaboration easy. 

Want Another Reason to Join An Elite Group of Hackers? How About Cash Prizes?

Not only will your participation help increase the awareness of IoT’s role in sustainability solutions, but you could also win one of several cash prizes, with US$10,000 going to the first-place winner! Please check official rules for eligibility

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Ready to tackle a worthy challenge, have some fun, network with your peers, and collaborate with the TIBCO LABS engineering team as you develop and test your ideas—and maybe win a cash prize? Register now to get started!