TIBCO and AWS Alignment: What’s New and What’s Coming

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    Cloud computing is powering digitization across numerous sectors, and its increasing adoption rate is fueling demand for solutions that can help organizations make the most of this transformative technology. At the core of many cloud migrations, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a wide array of cloud computing, storage, and networking resources, enabling businesses to scale quickly and transparently.

    TIBCO and AWS share the same vision for the cloud. Together, we are committed to accelerating cloud adoption among our vast customer bases, enabling them to unify their data, accurately predict business outcomes, and confidently make the right decisions.

    Over the next three years, TIBCO’s strategic partnership with AWS features mutual commitments that align perfectly with the initiatives and plans of both parties. Below, we look into the current state of TIBCO-AWS alignment and the potential benefits to customers today and in the future.

    Highlights of the TIBCO Partnership with AWS

    TIBCO has a multi-tiered partnership with AWS. As the world’s most holistic and widely adopted cloud platform, AWS offers multiple container products that help enterprises deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications and services.

    TIBCO Cloud™ Integration – BusinessWorks™ solution comes into the AWS ecosystem to simplify the building of cloud-native applications by intuitively choreographing interactions between APIs or microservices. TIBCO is also an AWS marketplace partner, which means we align both standard seller listings for customers and private offers. Our co-selling relationship extends globally, mutually benefiting both TIBCO and AWS.

    How Does TIBCO Align with AWS?

    The most significant highlight of the TIBCO-AWS partnership is the exceptional strategic alignment between TIBCO and AWS. Currently, TIBCO is heavily invested in moving its customers and products to cloud-based subscription models. This goal aligns with AWS’s primary focus of taking partner workloads to the cloud.

    TIBCO particularly relates well with three key ongoing AWS initiatives: mainframe modernization, high-performance computing, and the simplification of AI/ML modeling with SageMaker Autopilot. Read on to learn about these programs and how they relate to TIBCO.

    Mainframe Modernization and Migration

    Although cloud computing has made remarkable inroads in the industry, many of TIBCO’s clients still run on mainframes. Because its strategy is to migrate these accounts from perpetual license mainframes to Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions, TIBCO fits right into the AWS mainframe modernization and migration program.

    TIBCO aims to leverage AWS’s extensive catalog of open databases, languages, analytics, and cloud-native services to modernize customer applications and deliver more impactful business insights for real transformation and competitive differentiation.

    Currently, plans are underway with AWS and other partners to collaboratively move clients from rigid monoliths and outdated interfaces to cloud-based environments that offer superior interoperability. The cloud environment also offers analytics tools and access to a large pool of architects and specialists for both design and operation.

    High-performance Computing

    The AWS HPC program is geared toward providing enterprises with all the tools they need to run massive, complex artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) simulations and workloads in the cloud. With HPC, businesses get virtually unlimited computing capacity, high-performance data systems, and high-throughput networking. As a result, they can gain insights faster, optimize performance, and accelerate the journey from idea to market.

    As an AWS partner in the high-performance computing program, TIBCO adds significant value based on its strengths in grid computing and ability to scale up and down quickly and efficiently.

    TIBCO GridServer™—a software infrastructure on which applications can run in a virtual environment without attachments to hardware resources—enables an entirely service-oriented approach to grid computing that is exceptionally scalable in both speed and throughput.

    High-performance computing has traditionally been focused on financial services, but it is now gradually seeping into other segments that require fast computing over short periods, such as manufacturing and retail. TIBCO is excited to join AWS on this promising initiative.

    Simple AI/ML Modeling with SageMaker Autopilot

    A key focus of AWS is bringing AI/ML to the mainstream through more straightforward tools and API-driven services. To support this goal, AWS includes SageMaker Autopilot, which automates the critical tasks of AI/ML modeling. Autopilot automatically analyzes input data, selects the relevant algorithms, prepares the data for model training and tuning, and produces metrics for assessing a model’s predictive quality.

    Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer at TIBCO, emphasizes the impact of this solution on democratizing ML in a recent TIBCO blog that describes how TIBCO teams up with AWS to deliver powerful, cross-enterprise analytics solutions: “The integration of TIBCO Spotfire® and Amazon SageMaker Autopilot puts interactive visual analytics and AutoML technologies at the fingertips of business analysts. This opens space for innovation, speeds time-to-insight, and drives extreme value across all business functions.”

    The TIBCO Spotfire platform integrates Autopilot to make AI/ML modeling seamless and agile. Therefore, a data analyst can deploy SageMaker Autopilot within Spotfire to build, train, and tune machine learning models while retaining complete control and visibility.

    SageMaker Autopilot integration with the TIBCO Spotfire platform eliminates the need for analysts and scientists to prepare features, test algorithms, and optimize numerous parameters manually. As a result, Spotfire customers can build and deploy AI/ML models without having to become experts in machine learning. Read more about why SageMaker Autopilot is a tool for everyone.

    TIBCO’s Success with AWS

    Because of its longstanding collaboration with AWS in high-performance computing, data warehousing, streaming analytics, AI/ML modeling, and more, TIBCO has seen a growing number of customers moving existing and new applications to the cloud.

    The AWS Workload Migration Program (WMP) is among the areas where the TIBCO partnership with AWS has yielded the most fruit. WMP helps customers migrate workloads to AWS through a repeatable and scalable process that fits seamlessly into the TIBCO fabric. So far, many TIBCO customers with legacy on-premise systems have used WMP to move their applications and workloads to cloud-based environments and take advantage of AWS. Some have even migrated entire application landscapes, including complex middleware environments.

    TIBCO and AWS: Better Together

    AWS and TIBCO are committed to making it easy for customers to use the latest AI/ML technologies. Our joint efforts in high-performance computing, data warehousing, streaming analytics, AI/ML modeling, and more have resulted in a fruitful partnership that delivers outstanding benefits to customers.

    Going into 2022, TIBCO is committed to continuing its deep technical collaboration with AWS, which it sees as a key to unlocking even more value from the cloud and driving innovation across industries.

    The integration of TIBCO Spotfire® and Amazon SageMaker Autopilot puts interactive visual analytics and AutoML technologies at the fingertips of business analysts. This opens space for innovation, speeds time-to-insight, and drives extreme value… Click To Tweet

    As a customer, you can expect even more ground-breaking technologies and seamless integrations from TIBCO and AWS in the coming years. Contact us to learn how to maximize your AWS investment with TIBCO.