Key Focuses for 2022 TIBCO Partner Success in the Channel

    TIBCO Partner Success
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    In 2022, TIBCO’s Partner Program is leveraging what our partners do best to reach new heights. Partner success relies on fostering a community with a range of specialties. There is strength in diversity, as it takes a medley of different partner strengths to be successful in channel sales. At TIBCO, we have one of the most diverse partner ecosystems with partners who meet a diverse set of needs unique for multiple industries and regions.

    What Does Partner Success Look Like?

    True partner success relies on unique innovation, expertise, and relationships. TIBCO seeks to provide a program that makes it easy for partners to go to market quickly, drive growth for their businesses, and deliver customer success with TIBCO technology. When partners are sought out as innovative TIBCO experts, we all win.

    Innovation is at the heart of all success at TIBCO. There are three key steps for partners to truly measure success.

    Three Key Steps to Your Success

    1. Define your role with TIBCO 
    2. Develop your expertise 
    3. Differentiate your solution

    Partners who define their specific role with TIBCO put a plan in place for their go-to-market strategy and how they will achieve their goals. The Partner Program plays a pivotal role in driving and supporting partners to achieve collective objectives. Through the Partner Program, partners have access to a robust set of partner benefits to develop their expertise, including sales enablement, accreditations and certifications, marketing, and demand generation. Additionally, TIBCO promotes partners’ expertise and innovation to drive awareness and demand through program benefits such as the TIBCO Solution Showcase and TIBCO Validation Program to increase partner sourced revenue and drive new logos.

    All of these key steps rely on expert marketing and using allotted resources. With TIBCO program benefits and enablement resources, partners can better spearhead success from a TIBCO-perspective. The new Partner Help Desk is the one-stop-shop source to help partners reach success with TIBCO, seeking to offer reactive and proactive strategies to get partners to the level they desire.

    2022 TIBCO Partner Program Updates

    Each year, TIBCO’s Partner Team has a specific focus on enhancing the TIBCO Partner Program based on what partners are actually looking for; we make continuous improvements to give partners what they need—when they need it—to go to market quickly, drive pipeline, and deliver customer success. 

    TIBCO has one of the most robust sets of benefits I’ve ever seen in a program that we can actually deliver. A lot of programs say they have benefits, but if pushed, could not deliver.

    Susan Beaver, Global Partner Program, Success and Operations, TIBCO

    We took an outside-in view to design it, starting with partners first—and then aligning with TIBCO’s strategic sales priorities. TIBCO proactively seeks out input from partners and acts on it pretty quickly. Here are the key updates to next year’s program:

    • Consolidated to fewer, richer sales benefits
    • Aligned our benefit payout models to how partners want them (go-to-market)
    • Simplified and balanced partnership qualifications, emphasizing partner competency and engagement

    The TIBCO Partner Program wants to “do less, better,” meaning consolidating and simplifying benefits so they are clear and easier to achieve. By listening to partner requests, and following through on our promises, we hope to foster more partner success next year and in the years to come. 

    Succeed With TIBCO

    The better partners are able to understand the TIBCO technology stack, the better they can address customer use cases with knowledge and expertise—helping them make their deals bigger and better! Partner solutions are more successful when we work together: driving more business, increasing share of wallet, and expanding customer bases.

    To learn more about what TIBCO is bringing to the partner ecosystem in 2022 and how it stacks up with best-in-class programs, join our roundtable webinar on February 15 with IDC channel analyst, Steve White, and TIBCO leaders including myself, Tony Beller, SVP WW Partners and OEM Sales, and Samantha Patel, Sr. Director of Global Partner Marketing. Learn more and register to attend here.

    For additional information about how TIBCO is setting up our partners for success, check out this recent blog by Samantha Patel, featuring TIBCO’s Advanced Partner Marketing Playbook.