The Top 5 Most Popular Blogs of 2021

TIBCO Blog 2021
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We close out 2021 with a sense of watchfulness and exhilaration and a readiness to leap into 2022. We’ve proven that agility, adaptability, and the talent to develop at speed can profoundly reshape our reality for the better. But let’s pause for a moment of reflection. 

Here are the top five most popular blog posts of 2021 from across TIBCO, plus a bonus, just for fun! Any surprises?  

TIBCO Partner Ecosystem Launches Certification Day and Champion Progress with Great Success

Our most popular blog post of the year examined the success of TIBCO’s very first Partner Certification Day—an effort so successful, in fact, that a second day had to be added. 

Partner Certification Day is part of a larger effort to promote partner education and resources. It’s working. There are currently around 7,000 partners enrolled in education and training.  

Seeking Sustainable IT? Use Data Virtualization

Sustainable IT is more than a laudable goal, it’s fast becoming a key business objective. And one very big opportunity for sustainable IT is data virtualization, as this top blog post from April reveals. 

Other big opportunities for sustainable IT noted include a reduction in copying and copy storage, improving query efficiency, and migrating to the cloud. A fun and informative read. 

Sustainable IT is more than a laudable goal, it’s fast becoming a key business objective. And one very big opportunity for sustainable IT is data virtualization. Click To Tweet

Automate Your Business Processes with TIBCO: THE Usability Leader in the Nucleus Research 2021 iPaaS Value Matrix

TIBCO Cloud Integration connects your applications, business suites, data sources, and devices using any style, no matter where they are located. But this popular post showed us how it can also help save lives. A powerful story. 

With TIBCO Cloud Integration, the Catholic Medical Center, a nonprofit acute-care hospital and regional health system, was able to launch a fully functional contact center in under two weeks. The hospital used this new center to help optimize COVID-19 vaccine registration.  

From the Starting Line to Spotfire: Analytics in Action with Team TIBCO-SVB

Springtime in Belgium! At least it was for the high-performing professional women cyclists of Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) competing at the Tour of Flanders. The cycling team uses the TIBCO Spotfire Dashboard to assess real-time performance data and to compare metrics between riders and races over the course of a season. Click and discover how you can follow along with the riders.  

TIBCO NOW Day 2: Limitless Opportunity and Partnering

Our most popular event-related post of 2021 celebrated this year’s TIBCO Now vision: “The world is defined by data. And its potential is limitless.” Here, we got to witness the inspired works of Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Jennifer Doudna and Interplanetary Navigator Dr. Jill Seubert, who discussed what “limitless” means in their lives.  

Bonus: New to Formula One Racing? The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know

Given the rising popularity of Formula One racing, it’s probably no surprise that one of our more popular posts in 2021 was this primer on Formula One. Let’s give it a spot on the podium. 

Written at the start of what has since become one of the best F1 seasons ever. Whether you’re new to F1 or a longtime fan, check it out.  

As we close out 2021 and look ahead to 2022, know that we will continue to deliver the full variety of tech news, trends, tips, and insights to help you solve your most pressing business concerns and unlock your biggest opportunities. For 2022 and beyond.