TIBCO Partners Get a Boost with a New Advanced Marketing Playbook

TIBCO Partner Marketing Playbook
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TIBCO partners benefit from participating in partner advisory meetings, where they can discuss their most pressing needs with TIBCO representatives. We listen carefully to all partner feedback because we want to be partners in the truest sense of the word. We’re invested in partner success. After all, we’re all working together toward a common goal.

You Talked, TIBCO Listened

In the course of recent partner advisory councils (PACs), we learned that our partners want additional support for their marketing efforts. They want more education about how, when, and where to use their marketing muscle to best effect. 

We heard you loud and clear. Our recent TIBCO Partner Advanced Marketing Playbook, which we like to think of as the ultimate Swiss-Army knife of all marketing playbooks, is what came out of those partner advisory discussions.

A Definitive Guide for Marketing Professionals at Every Level

Not every organization is at the same level of marketing expertise or working with the same marketing budget, so to serve our partners more effectively, we created a playbook that covers the basics—as well as more advanced marketing concepts. It dissects the modern marketing funnel and pipeline and explores the concept and execution of integrated marketing campaigns, covering critical elements, such as:

  • Demand generation programs
  • Blog content
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Newsletter tips
  • Webinar best practices
  • Events marketing
  • Social media best practices

The playbook explains, in simple terms, how to use all these elements to create marketing campaigns that generate qualified leads.

A Strong Focus on Marketing Best Practices

No matter where you fall on the marketing spectrum, one thing is clear: we all need to focus on best-practices marketing strategies. That focus can optimize available marketing resources, enable more robust results from demand generation initiativesand ultimately deliver higher revenues.

The TIBCO partner marketing playbook is just one of the marketing tools in our partners’ toolkits for success. TIBCO Academy, a comprehensive learning plan that covers multiple aspects of digital marketing, demand generation, and lead-nurturing strategies, also focuses on marketing best practices.

Additionally, TIBCO Launchpad provides ready-made campaigns to gold, silver, and bronze partners, complete with co-brandable, downloadable assets from our campaign and asset library and integrated email scripts.

Demand Gen Marketing Truth: Organic Search Matters

Content marketing for demand generation is highly competitive, so following best practices for creating content that converts leads to sales is essential to your marketing success. The beauty of content marketing is that you don’t necessarily have to have deep marketing pockets to get great results.

Paying attention to organic search is key to content marketing on a budget. Here’s a sneak peek of a mini case study from our marketing playbook that illustrates the power of great content in organic search.

To set the stage, a general content marketing best practice is to publish content regularly and ensure that content provides real value to the reader. But is that really enough to produce great results?

Prior to its acquisition by TIBCO, Information Builders, Inc. (ibi) set out to find out the answer to that question. The company made a concerted effort to publish a steady stream of blog content using SEO best practices.

By choosing the right keywords for its target audience when producing new content and optimizing content that already existed on its site to improve SEO, ibi saw impressive gains in both blog traffic and overall site traffic month over month. In just one year, organic blog traffic increased by 48 percent, and overall site traffic increased by 50 percent.

Here’s the kicker: the content continued to drive new traffic and produce great results long after it was published. The ibi blog continues to see organic traffic growth even though, following TIBCO’s acquisition of ibi, new blog posting reduced dramatically in June 2021 on the ibi site—a testament to the power of blogging and good SEO practices to keep traffic strong long after a blog’s initial posting. TIBCO employs this same type of search magic to keep its content ranking highly with search engines.

TIBCO and ibi know this undisputed fact: Search is super important. Your target audience typically reaches your blog via a simple Google search. Potential customers are looking for answers to specific questions. If you put thought into what your audience is likely typing into that Google search bar, you can rise to the top of Google rankings for specific keywords that matter. Even better, you can do it on a shoestring budget through organic search, which is the marketing gift that keeps on giving.

Looking Ahead for TIBCO Partners

Speaking of gifts that keep on giving, TIBCO has lots of goodies in store for its partners in 2022. For example, we’ve just added an exciting new feature to Seismic, the Partner Red Carpet event. This event-in-a-box includes invitations, planning documents, and agendas for you to use as you plan virtual or in-person meetings and events. Check it out here with your partner credentials on Seismic.

As this new content illustrates, we’re focusing specifically on how to provide even more partner marketing support in the coming year, so stay tuned for more information in the near future. 

And if you’re ready to learn more about TIBCO’s best-in-class partner program, sign up for this IDC Roundtable on February 15, 2022—where IDC Global Channel Analyst, Steve White, and a panel of TIBCO partner leaders will discuss actionable insights on the evolving channel landscape, how the 2022 TIBCO Partner Program stacks up, and how you can exploit change to your greatest advantage.