Is Your Retail Supply Chain in Crisis? Weather Any Storm like Panera Bread, Cloetta, and Desigual

TIBCO Supply Chain Solutions
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Keeping shelves stocked and customers happy is mission-critical for today’s leading retailers. According to a recent McKinsey study, supply chain disruptions can erase an average of 44 percent off one year’s profits. 

Disruptions in the supply chain can interrupt delivery times, impact stock levels, and can make or break the customer experience. Despite this, 54 percent of executives still do not have clear visibility into their supply chains beyond Tier 1. 

There is a better path. TIBCO supply chain solutions help companies build a resilient, agile, and connected supply chain—one that keeps customers front and center. 

Optimize Your Supply Chain like Desigual

Empowered retailers require a supply chain with a modern, event-driven infrastructure, one that delivers superior forecasting and enables agile decision-making. Combined, the result is a supply chain that:

  1. Delivers real-time insights
  2. Manages disruptive events 
  3. Forecasts demand
  4. Improves customer satisfaction
  5. Increases sales

Without supply chain insights, you lack information about omni-channel experiences, the return process, stock availability, last-mile issues, and more. Popular Spanish clothing brand, Desigual, needed a single view of its customers, catalog, and stock to meet its goals for service and innovation. Using TIBCO solutions, Desigual’s digital platforms can now handle large volumes of requests (like on Black Friday). 

Leverage Supply Chain Insights to Launch New Lines of Business like Panera Bread

Your supply chain has to be flexible enough to absorb shocks both major or minor, including natural disasters, unpredictable demand, and even unforeseen pandemics. This sets you apart from the competition. Plus, a responsive and resilient supply chain unlocks opportunities to build entirely new lines of business. For example, using TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions, Panera Bread created an entirely new business line—during a global pandemic.

Panera turned to the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform to create the Panera Data Pantry, empowering the business to unify its systems with a master set of data, efficiently update related systems in real time, and enable the automation of many of its processes.

Build A Sustainable Supply Chain Like Cloetta

Sustainability is also increasingly important for retail supply chains. To incorporate sustainable practices into your business, you need data-driven insights into your carbon footprint, transportation emissions, factory conditions, and more. 

Keeping track of your workers, their locations, working conditions, and more is beneficial when your company is asked key questions about who you hire and how they’re treated.

The recurrent benefits of a transparent and fully connected supply chain should not be overlooked. For example, candymaker Cloetta used TIBCO Data Virtualization software to improve forecasting, campaigning, and inventory management. Combining global, local, internal, and external data into a single, comprehensive report enabled this sweet confection.

You Can Create A Connected Supply Chain Today

Are you ready to build a smarter, more resilient supply chain? Check out this recent ebook about how you can:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility
  • Identify demand
  • Optimize logistics
  • Protect against disruptions
  • Ensure long-lasting sustainability
Empowered retailers require a supply chain with a modern, event-driven infrastructure, one that delivers superior forecasting and enables agile decision-making. Click To Tweet

You can also learn about use cases from food favorite Panera, candymaker Cloetta, and Spanish clothing retailer Desigual. Each reveals the how and why of building a smart, resilient, and agile supply chain—and the recurring gains from TIBCO’s real-time supply chain insights for your business.