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In modern application architectures, APIs have become the preferred method for accessing digital assets. One of the many benefits of APIs is the ability to discover and reuse them across the enterprise to reduce duplicate work and increase developer productivity. However, what happens if the existing API service does not provide the exact data needed to fulfill your specific use case? 

Most enterprises do not want to spend valuable API developer resources to address a one-off use case. Additionally, they may not want to create a new API to prevent the proliferation of unnecessary and duplicative APIs pointing to the same digital asset. As a result, API managers need a way to orchestrate or modify API requests and responses without creating a new API or making back-end changes to an existing one.

There are many valid reasons why an API manager may need to enrich or modify API requests and responses. For example, they may need to perform a simple transformation on the existing data to fulfill a specific business requirement. They may want to reduce the API response payload to include only essential information to improve response times. They may need to call into an external service for validation or authentication. Additionally, many API development teams may not have the bandwidth to address customization requests, so API managers need a self-service solution that allows them to address these scenarios themselves.

Accelerate Orchestration with Pre-built Connectors

TIBCO Cloud API Management provides multiple ways to enhance API requests and responses. One often utilized solution is to leverage one of TIBCO’s 200+ pre-built connectors to common endpoints available in the TIBCO Cloud Integration Marketplace. Developers can leverage these connectors for connectivity to the external systems as well as change the behavior of the API at runtime through configuration without writing any code. 

TIBCO Cloud API Management provides a variety of connectors that can be used for authentication and authorization, filtering and routing, simple data transformations, and much more. It also lets you create a custom adapter to meet a specific need and publish it on the Marketplace for reuse across your organization. However, this approach is ideal only when the adapter can be reused, not for one-off use cases. 

Increase Agility with Inline Proxies and Orchestration

To address these one-off use cases, TIBCO Cloud API Management has created an enhanced, developer-friendly pipeline. API Managers can use service discovery to apply business logic in-line to API requests and responses, giving them full control over mediating and orchestrating data in-flight. 

As you can see in the above demo, if you want to deploy an in-line proxy or add on orchestration logic, you simply select the TIBCO Cloud Mesh as your service discovery layer. This enables you to discover all applications that have been deployed in the TIBCO Cloud and have been made available to you based on your account permissions. You can then select a specific application and the various flows or resources you would like to modify on either the inbound or outbound API transaction. Finally, you can define additional parameters relevant to the transaction and define business logic to be injected into the application.  

This capability helps reduce dependence on overburdened API developers by providing a self-service solution for API managers. And most importantly, it increases enterprise agility by enabling faster response times to customization requests needed to meet specific business requirements.  

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