The Evolution of TIBCO Cloud Mashery: Business value management for your digital ecosystem

TIBCO Cloud Mashery
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In today’s digital landscape, APIs are an essential component of any digital business platform. Traditionally, API management offerings have focused on helping businesses distribute and secure their APIs with limited API mediation capabilities. However, in TIBCO’s view, this is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of businesses looking to transform their entire digital platform. Businesses need an API management platform that helps them manage their business value across their entire digital platform. Building on existing TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® capabilities, TIBCO has evolved its API management strategy to meet this need with a new product offering: TIBCO Cloud API Management. 

APIs are much more than just a tool used to connect assets. With APIs, you can easily express the value of your business through digital services that can be flexibly consumed by internal and external developers and partners. This capability revolutionizes the way that customers, partners, and even employees access and engage with your business data and services and helps you achieve a variety of strategic business goals, such as: 

  • Increased enterprise agility
  • More efficient operations
  • Connected customer experiences
  • Redefined digital business models. 

TIBCO Cloud API Management evolves API management to span the capabilities of a digital platform that connects an entire business. It helps users accelerate digital business initiatives by effectively managing and exposing their valuable business data and services to all stakeholders. This new product offering provides full-lifecycle API management as an integral part of the broader TIBCO Cloud™ ecosystem. This feature gives users seamless connectivity with other TIBCO capabilities, including integration, automation, messaging, and analytics, so businesses have everything they need to run and adapt their entire digital business. 

Through integration with the broader TIBCO Cloud ecosystem, TIBCO Cloud API Management can support a variety of diverse API-led use cases that enable you to get more value out of your business resources and engage more effectively with customers, partners, and employees: 

  • Seamless connectivity across the enterprise enabled by API-led Integration
  • Real-time responses to business events enabled by event-driven APIs
  • More efficient business operations enabled by API-led automation
  • Deeper business insights and better decisioning enabled by data-as-an-API services
  • Intelligent data management enabled by API-led master data management (MDM)
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TIBO Cloud API Management helps businesses effectively manage their business value across their digital ecosystem to drive digital business initiatives. This new product offering is immediately available to new and existing TIBCO Cloud Mashery customers. To learn more about the value of API management, check out TIBCO’s API Management product page or our product datasheet.