Leading Energy Industry Organizations Explain Why the Future of Energy Is in Hyperconverged Analytics

TIBCO TAF Future of Energy
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Among the many highlights of the 2021 TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) was getting to hear from industry-leading energy companies like Biota Technology, Petrobras, Birchcliff Energy, and more as they shared insights, case studies, and in-depth information on the solutions they created with the help of hyperconverged analytics from TIBCO Spotfire®.

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Biota Technology: Holistic Data Integration of DNA Diagnostics for Sustainability in Oil and Gas 

In this session, Matthew Hagarty, Senior Data Scientist at Biota, explained how Biota Technology uses the TIBCO Spotfire® dashboard’s next-generation diagnostics, data visualizations, and data integration to help pioneer the concept of DNA diagnostics as a data business. Learn how Biota was able to create a digital oilfield to train its machine learning tools and gain insights that helped customers drive profits and increase sustainability. 

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Birchcliff Energy: Leveraging the TIBCO Platform to Develop Value-driving Energy Apps

In this talk, Lee Grant, Supervisor of Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence at Birchcliff Energy, discusses how the company utilizes TIBCO products to develop energy applications. Grant highlights two case studies, one of which centered around building something that didn’t commercially exist by creating a Spotfire application that enabled users to feature fracture-driven interaction (FDI) events. The second case study examined how Birchcliff Energy was able to expand the functionality of a commercial physics simulator with Spotfire analytics and Python, creating a visualization and data-dissecting tool that does far more than those offered by third-party vendors. 

Petrobras: Interactive Visualization of Well Logs for Better Reservoir Characterization

Marcio Arbex, TIBCO Senior Director of Latin America Solutions Engineering, opens the session on the collaborative efforts of TIBCO, Petrobras, and TIBCO partner LesBrazil by introducing Rodrigo Mantovaneli Pessoa, a Business Analyst at Petrobras with more than ten years of experience in data analytics, and Thiago Araujo Dias Moreira, a Data Analyst at LesBrazil. Pessoa and Moreira detail how Petrobras uses the TIBCO Analytics Platform to create custom visual analytics that made analyzing high volumes of complex well log data more accessible to users, including not only engineers but also geologists and geophysicists. Learn how this has changed the game when it comes to reservoir modeling in the oil and gas industry. 

The Open Group OSDU™ Forum: Building for the Future of Subsurface Innovation

In this panel led by Andrew Berridge, a TIBCO Senior Data Scientist who has been working on the OSDU Initiative, you’ll learn about the Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ Forum, a cross-industry collaboration with the goal of developing a common, standard data platform for the oil and gas industry. Juan Varga, Senior Production Technologist and Digital Transformation Leader at CEPSA; Liz Dennett, Geologist and Lead Solutions Architect at AWS; and Alan Henson, Senior Principal at Pariveda Solutions, join Berridge to discuss their involvement in the project and the need for subsurface analytics in the industry.

SM Energy: What Spotfire Users Want to Master

Julie Sebby, Staff Data Associate at SM Energy and author of the Big Mountain Analytics blog, takes viewers through her top three most popular blog posts and YouTube videos to provide a practical guide for Spotfire users looking to learn more about working with IronPython and using document properties to control data. You’ll learn real scripting and solutions to help make your own projects faster and more efficient. 

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For more great content from TAF, including sessions from industry leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, and more, be sure to check out our full library of on-demand webinars from the conference.