3 Ways to Power Up Insights with TIBCO Spotfire 11.4 LTS

TIBCO Spotfire 11.4 LTS
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According to a recent article by ZDNet, the unprecedented changes of 2020 resulted in accelerated change with three years worth of rapid digital transformation compressed into just three months. And that was only the crest of a tidal wave of innovation we’re seeing today. Now that the “dam has broken,” enterprises are leveraging leading technologies to reinvent and remain agile.   

But despite all of this progress towards a smarter, more agile enterprise technology landscape, one classic market pain persists for traditional business intelligence (BI) and reporting: data for decision support isn’t actionable when or where decision makers need it. Without a solution to this challenge, organizations will essentially be spinning their wheels and losing out on valuable business insights. 

To help solve this problem and power up users with deeper, more impactful insights, TIBCO Spotfire® has released new features to serve today’s modern enterprise.  

Future proof your business with TIBCO Spotfire 11.4 LTS

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”William Gibson    

Much has changed since the last Spotfire Long-term Supported (LTS) release in June 2020.    

More importantly, much has changed in how large enterprises are doing business in the post-2020 world, including:

  • Continued growth in the Python language
  • Expanding maturity for data science investments
  • Connecting to new data streams
  • The need for highly customized but highly governed data analytics 

In order to remain resilient in a highly competitive market during the economic recovery, organizations need a data analytics platform that enables everyone to get richer insights. With TIBCO Spotfire’s 11.4 Long-Term Supported release, insights are delivered by way of embedded data science and real-time analysis exactly when and where all knowledge workers need them: at the moment of decision. As a result, organizations can easily share intelligence and reduce the need for ad-hoc decision support. 

Decision models need to be data-informed and agile enough to adapt to both risks and new opportunities on much shorter turnarounds. TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell observed this firsthand with his data science team, “If you can compress the time between the business event, getting the data ready for analysis, completing an analysis, and taking an action, this vastly increases the business value.”

Top 3 highlights of Spotfire 11.4 LTS

Ready to increase business value with the latest LTS release of Spotfire version 11.4? Below are the top three highlights of the top technology advancements now available:   

1. Over 12 new custom visualizations—and counting!

TIBCO Spotfire Mods are innovative “grab and go” custom visualization and analytics apps that leverage the power of Spotfire for a seamless, fit-for-purpose analytics experience. The Mods cloud-enabled framework makes it easy for anyone to build, share, and use data visualizations.

In addition to all of Spotfire’s native, out-of-the-box visualizations, numerous other community Mod visualizations are now available for download on the TIBCO Exchange. This includes the Word Cloud, Sankey Chart, Animated Bubble Chart, Area Chart, Spider plots, and more, with new visualizations being added regularly. 

2. Embedded data science workflows, native Python, and more 

Advanced analytics has been an integrated part of visual data discovery and dashboarding for years, but previously only the data function developer or technical experts were able to add advanced analytic functions to an analytics application. With the latest f(x) flyout functionality in the Spotfire data panel, that barrier has been lowered. 

It’s now easier than ever for non-developers to add pre-built, grab-and-go Python and R data functions to Spotfire analysis files and applications. This helps large organizations find greater efficiencies by enabling knowledge workers throughout the enterprise to consume governed and embedded data science at scale.

3. Parallel data loading

For Spotfire users mashing up multi-source data loading and other complex data transformations, data will now open and load up to 70 percent faster. This allows for efficiency gains, faster time to analysis, and accelerated overall speed to insight. 

Overall, with Spotfire 11.4 LTS, line of business decision makers can easily access and analyze data faster, analysts can leverage pre-built data functions to develop advanced analytics applications, and data scientists can scale their output and more effectively deliver value to the entire enterprise. 

To help solve this problem and power up users with deeper, more impactful insights, TIBCO Spotfire® has released new features to serve today’s modern enterprise.   Click To Tweet

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to unlock all that’s new in Spotfire 11.4 LTS.