5 Must-Watch Success Stories from TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021: Now On-Demand

TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021
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The 2021 TIBCO Analytics Forum brought together some of the most innovative data and analytics users across all industries to showcase how they achieve business goals with TIBCO solutions. These organizations use analytics in incredible ways to drive business performance and fuel sustainable innovation. 

Binge all the on-demand content presented at TAF 2021 before it closes on June 25, and check out these must-see industry success stories. 

Pfizer: “Digital Manufacturing Intelligence Enabling the ‘Factory of the Future’ at Pfizer”

Hamid Mehdizadeh, Director of Digital Manufacturing Intelligence at Pfizer, demonstrates Pfizer’s path-breaking efforts to become an AI-driven organization, utilizing an innovative Manufacturing Intelligence Workbench concept. 

Learn about:

  • Scalable AI/ML deployments in manufacturing
  • How to create a digital thread
  • Increasing operational visibility 

Bayer: “Data Science for Sustainable Agriculture at Bayer Crop Science”

Sami Cheong, Data Science Technical Lead at Bayer Crop Science, discusses a data science use case that uses Bayesian spatial hierarchical modeling for Bayer’s research and development pipeline. 

Learn about:

  • Bayer’s Women in Data Science organization
  • Spotfire modeling techniques
  • How Bayer develops solutions for agriculture

ExxonMobil: “Tend the Analytics Fire—Organizational Transformation to Maximize Value”

Jennifer Gavia, Analytics Developer at ExxonMobil, presents how you can maximize the value of your analytics platform and team. 

Learn about:

  • Unique Spotfire customizations
  • How to overcome the challenges of success
  • Ways to drive innovation in your support team

Enertel: “Building High-Impact Visual Analytics”

Jonathan Henderson, Chief Analytics Officer at Enertel, shows his best practices for visualizations in Spotfire.

Learn about:

  • Choosing appropriate color palettes
  • Communicating through graphs
  • Key font considerations

Hess: “The Key to Successful Digital Transformation”

Graeme Gordon, Senior Geological Advisor at Hess, discusses how a single, self-service data virtualization architecture is critical for digital transformation.

Learn about:

  • Demystifying black box analytics
  • How to focus on data analysis, not data collection
  • Achieving high user confidence in data platforms

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Binge all the on-demand content presented at TAF 2021 before it closes on June 25, and check out these must-see industry success stories.  Click To Tweet

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