Want to Unleash the Power of a Modern Digital Factory? Learn How at TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021

TIBCO Analytics Forum Manufacturing
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Interested in learning more about today’s top analytics and data management trends in manufacturing? Make sure to attend TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) 2021, May 25-26, a virtual event that will feature inspiring stories from leading manufacturers and partners, including how to implement a modern digital factory and how to embrace technologies such as the cloud, IIoT, and big data analytics.

What’s on the Agenda?

The main topic of discussion for manufacturers at TAF 2021 will revolve around the idea of “Putting the Connected Digital Factory into Practice with Hyperconverged Analytics.” 

Hyperconverged analytics brings visual analytics, data science, streaming, edge, and data virtualization capabilities together to create immersive, smart, and real-time solutions. The Digital Factory makes it possible to evolve beyond mere reaction to problems after they have occurred and toward anticipation of issues and intervention to prevent their occurrence. 

In relation to this topic, the agenda features sessions and demos on: 

  • Product solutions: digital twins, image classification, and computer vision
  • Equipment and factory solutions: factory 360 OEE, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and augmented and virtual reality
  • Process solutions: advanced process control with predictive models, statistical process control, monitoring, and alerting 
  • Data connection and unification solutions: IoT data processing and data virtualization    
  • Data science and visual analytics technology: the latest in machine learning and autoML, model ops, Python integration, big data, dynamic learning, and Spotfire Mods

Hear from Keynote Speakers

Learn from industry experts about data science, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and other cutting-edge technology for the digital factory: 

  • Ben Shneiderman: Under Ben’s guidance on information visualization research at the University of Maryland, Spotfire analytics was founded. We will chat about those days and his current work on human-centered AI.
  • Ahmer Srivastava: Ahmer spearheads strategic initiatives for big data analytics, visual analytics, and predictive analytics solutions for Western Digital’s NAND flash product engineering & manufacturing teams.
  • Michael O’Connell: TIBCO’s Chief Analytics Officer will highlight what’s new and what’s next in visual analytics, data science, and data management technology. 

Breakouts You Cannot Miss

Beyond exciting keynote speakers, TAF 2021’s agenda is packed with breakout sessions with relevant information for data-driven manufacturers. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from major industry leaders like Amgen, Hemlock Semiconductor, and Intel as they discuss their recent manufacturing innovations:

  • Amgen: Data Integration and Real-Time Analytics for Biomanufacturing Process Development
  • Western Digital: Spotfire at Western Digital’s Wafer Factories
  • Intel: Computer Vision at the Edge
  • Hemlock Semiconductor: Care & Feeding for a Successful Analytics Culture
  • Genware: Hyper-Converged Analytic process performance in manufacturing – 6 Sigma Connected Production Platform
  • Texas Instruments: Actionable Insights Using TIBCO Spotfire at Texas Instruments
  • Keysight Technologies: Spotfire Data Loading: Hybrid Strategies for Optimal UX
  • GE Aviation:  Building a Self-service Analytics Foundation
  • TIBCO: Analytics in Manufacturing: Putting the Connected Digital Factory into Practice
The Digital Factory makes it possible to evolve beyond mere reaction to problems after they have occurred and toward anticipation of issues and intervention to prevent their occurrence.  Click To Tweet

What else can you do at TAF? 

Attend training on TIBCO products—including TIBCO Spotfire®, TIBCO® Data Virtualization, TIBCO® Data Science, and TIBCO® Streaming—connect with your peers through the Connectivity Lounge powered by Remo, earn prizes through the Analytics Arcade, and more! With so much content available live and on-demand for a month after the event, manufacturing attendees are sure to gain valuable insights on how to leverage manufacturing intelligence to meet challenges and stay ahead of the competition.

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